Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Curtain Falls on the Best Ever National Games!

After two weeks of spirited competition, and packed venues that showcased amazing participation from the people of Trivandrum and Kerala, the 35th National Games of India have drawn to a close in Trivandrum.

Kerala triumphed as the Best State with a total of 162 podium finishes, including 54 gold medals. A proud achievement for a State with just 3% of the population of India. 

But the people of Trivandrum which hosted the vast majority of events including the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and the Athletic competition can be especially proud with how enthusiastic their support has been to the National Games. Every venue was packed every day and the sportspeople were often cheered on with the kind of passion usually reserved for cricket or football.

The 35th National Games hosted by Trivandrum have been widely heralded as one of the best ever held, not just in terms of the level of spectator enthusiasm and the quality of the competition but also in the world-class standards of the facilities.

National Games done! What next, the Asian Games or who knows, the five circles.....?