Friday, May 16, 2014

Trivandrum Makes the Right Choice - Welcome Back, Dr. Tharoor!

The hardest fought election in the history of Trivandrum has come to a close and the best candidate has won, amidst a troubling mandate for divisive forces across India. 

A big vote of thanks to the 296,319 voters who saw past the hype and voted for the demonstrated reality of a solid track record and an extraordinary personality. An equal measure of gratitude to Dr. Tharoor for overcoming gut-wrenching personal tragedy and persevering through a grueling campaign, sadly laced with disgusting attacks by the opposition.

Congratulation to those who voted for him, against him and didn't vote at all, for getting the best possible MP to represent them for another five years. Looking forward to achieving even greater things for Trivandrum, stay tuned!

Nuff zed! 

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