Saturday, July 20, 2013

Coming to Facebook!

As many of you know, I have been using Zuckerberg's all encompassing, ever-maddening creation to share posts on this blog for quite some time now. The importance of the social media universe has become hard to ignore when pretty much everyone I know and their dog are on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Trivandrum's projects have always suffered from a paucity, if not a complete lack, of promotion. Even the citizens of Kerala's capital have known very little about massive developments like Technopark, Technocity and the Vizhinjam deep-water port, even as they are making sweeping changes to our city and to the State, generating tens of thousands of jobs and thousands of Crores of economic activity.

Most of what is heard about these projects and others like the NH-66 expansion project and the MRTS is in the "popular" press, most of which is either negative in nature or of such abysmal reporting standards that it's best to pass up on.

However, now private citizens are taking the initiative to create Facebook pages for some of these key projects so that people can visit them to seek more information and to understand more about what they should be fighting for.

Here are a few to visit and Like!

Please go ahead and.....



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