Friday, December 07, 2012

Welcome IFFK 2012

Come December, and there are two events that I look forward to - the good fun and food associated with marking another year spent on this Earth, and the best film festival in India. Sadly, I have been missing the latter for the last three years but as a film lover, I am proud to welcome the latest edition of the International Film Festival of Kerala to the State Capital.

This year, IFFK will add not one but four spanking new venues to its portfolio in the form of the newly renovated Kalabhavan, Kairali and Sree, together with the new kid on the block, Nila. 

 Yes, that's what Kalabhavan looks like now!
(Photo courtesy:

This year too, IFFK has had to dealt with one of the strangest case of counterfeiting in the world, a duplicate film festival being held in Ernakulam and that too with the support of the State Government. The old adage holds that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but this is ridiculous! 

I am sure IFFK 2012 will be great, I envy all those of you who'll be able to go sample the world's cinema in a dizzying week of great filmography. Enjoy!

Next year maybe.....hopefully.... 

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