Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Second Innings for Dr Tharoor - Another Chance for Trivandrum!

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With the latest reshuffle of the Union Cabinet, Trivandrum's MP is back at the most important table in the land. There can be few better choices for the Ministry of Human Resources than an erudite scholar and internationally acknowledged author, although it seems that Dr Tharoor requested the particular portfolio instead of a stint back at his forte, External Affairs, in order to focus more on his home constituency. That would be a very rare occurrence in a day and age where most politicians would first look at the personal benefit from a portfolio before even bothering with such optional niceties as working for their constituents.

Many of us would immediately hope that his ascension would lead to a quick solution to all the issues that Trivandrum faces. Let's be practical, no one has solved such a plethora of problems in a single day since that hallowed carpenter of lore from Nazareth. That said, we can expect that Dr Tharoor's new role will help him get better access to the workings within the North and South Blocks, the apex of power of the country and help facilitate key initiatives within his portfolio and beyond.

A few of the key agenda items have been enumerated in this article. Do let us know what you think and whether there are more areas where you would like to see our MP focus on in the year or so left in the tenure of this Ministry. Please drop in a comment here or on the Thiruvananthapuram Updates blog. Thanks in advance.

Once again, let's all join to congratulate Dr Tharoor on his new role and to support him in his endeavors for our city.

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