Saturday, September 17, 2011

P.P.S: Thanks, Dr Tharoor!

Just a quick note to thank Dr Tharoor for his feedback on the main article about Vizhinjam. More than being the MP of Trivandrum, Dr. Tharoor is now on the Director Board of VISL, perhaps smartest move the new Government has made with respect to the project. Even before joining the Board, he has been very active in supporting the project during the tenure of the previous Government, having brought in the Port of Barcelona to advise and potentially partner in the project and also having used his influence in Delhi to help expedite the key environmental clearance project.

I am sure that his leadership will be key in taking Vizhinjam from planning to reality. As I mentioned towards the end of my article, the Vizhinjam port is a vision, not a mere plan. And in Dr Tharoor, I believe we have a visionary who understands the potential of the project and appreciates how much it can change the face of our city!

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