Tuesday, January 11, 2011

14 Major Developers submit RFQs for Vizhinjam

You will not read this bit of news in any of the major newspapers (except for, as usual, The Hindu) or see it on the regional channels, since they have decided that the common and garden variety of sundry news is far more important than an important milestone achieved by the largest infrastructure project ever initiated in the history of the State. If you are still wondering why this sort of lunacy continues in the media world, please don't waste any time on it, that's the way it is.

Meanwhile, 14 major companies/consortia submitted responses to the Request for Qualification(RFQ) issued by VISL for the Port Operator part of the Rs 6000 Crore ($1.5 Billion) BOT project. This part envisages a private entity which comes in to operate the port, especially the container transshipment terminal, and also brings in the superstructure - the cargo handling equipment - for the port. As per the current structure of the project, this entity could also opt to develop the basic infrastructure of the port including the breakwater and the quays.

Some of the giants in the fray include Reliance Infrastructure, the Adani Group (Mundra Port), GMR, GVK, Gammon Infrastructure, Leighton, Shipping Corporation of India - SKIL - HCC consortium, Condor-Brookfield consortium, Limak consortium, JP Associates and Sterlite Industries (Vedanta Group).

These bids will now go for analysis to ensure that the firms meet all the qualification criteria. That should not be a difficult proposition for some of the biggest business groups in India and across the World.  Together these companies represent hundreds of billions of dollars of investments aall over the globe. Next, they may also be sent to the Central Government for security clearance and finally, the qualified companies will be issued the Request for Proposal (RFP) for the bids themselves. Hopefully, we can expect this by early March 2011.

Vizhinjam's progress has sent shivers down a few spines it seems. Apparently, at the recently concluded Maritime Conclave held by the CII in Trivandrum, the head of a nearby Port Trust made an eloquent appeal against two container transshipment terminals being set up in close proximity to each other and claimed that the funds being deployed for Vizhinjam should instead be given to one of his pet projects which has been sucking down State and Central funds for the last few years without any evident results. Trivandrum's known for its gracious hospitality, else his reception may have run out with such comments.

Anyways, when our rivals run scared before we even break ground, it's obvious that we are doing something right! More on this soon, stay tuned!


  1. Fear has started raining in the so called near by 'maritime mega hub'. So currently they are spreading a new word('Outer harbour') in the media even though they themselves know it is not going to happen. Then for what they are doing this?

    Simple, it is a universal strategy seen among the sinking regiments(whether it be a country, a corporate, or a team)to convince their poeple that we are not facing any problems and we are planning this new things so no problem for us. So they can restraint people from taking drastic steps until the last piece of regiment is sunk.

  2. agree with you on the news media

  3. A Truely International project. The biggest port in Asia. Let the authorities not be biased towards it and be ready to accept that it is wat our nation wants at this point of time rather than wasting money for Vallarpadom.

  4. Ridiculous - What do you mean wasting money for Vallarpadom?

    Good Luck !!!!!!!!!


Thanks for your comment, I will take a look at it and put it up at the earliest.