Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Greetings from Boston!

After what has probably been my longest period of absence from the blog over the past couple of years, I am back. And for the next year or so, this blog about Trivandrum  will be written from Boston. Or rather, Cambridge, Massachusetts to be exact.

The last couple of weeks were so hectic, desperately trying to settle in here at MIT before classes start tomorrow, that there has been little time even for email, let alone long blog posts. But now that that's over, we will be back up to speed soon, I have a couple of topics lined up already!

In the meantime, we have made it to 100,000 visits by all of you. As always, a big thanks to all my readers for being patient and attentive with me. With any worries about me vanishing in the Bermuda Triangle put to rest, let's get back to business as usual, folks. Stay tuned!

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