Thursday, August 05, 2010

The UST Global mega-campus! Amazing pics!

Trivandrum's own home-grown tech giant, UST Global, has been teasing everyone with the prospect of a massive campus of its own for a few years now, ever since it was allocated 36 acres of land in Technopark Phase II, along with Infosys. Quite a few design options were considered over the past couple of years, some were even posted on this and other blogs. But now, finally, the real deal is here!

And it is awesome, if even that is not an understatement! UST Global has gone and unveiled one of the single biggest technology campuses in India, if not the world, and it's quite the looker too!


Total land area = 36 Acres
Overall Built-up Area = 3.6 Million Sq.ft
Overall capacity = 30,000

Phase I Built-up Area = 800,000 Sq.ft of technology space
Phase I capacity = 8,000
Number of Floors = 16
Height = 80 m

- LEED certified Green Buildings

- Mixed-use Developments incorporating non-processing areas as well such as food courts, retail, sports facilities and MLCP
- Super-tall atrium
- To be developed in 3 Phases
- Includes features such as helipads and corporate suites
- Massive waterbody to also act as rainwater collector

Campus Master Plan

The Phase I block (in the first image) is seen on the extreme left of this layout, with the NH-47 running diagonally down the left-side border. The Infosys campus would be below the bottom boundary.

Now that UST Global has unveiled its giant campus and signature buildings to go on up on next door neighbour, Infosys, it is to be seen how TCS responds with its own SEZ campus in Technopark Phase I. 

Stay tuned, IT's raining campuses in Trivandrum!

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