Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bakery Junction Flyover Inaugurated! (Photos)

The Inauguration site at the Palayam End

Looking towards Bakery Junction

The descent to Panjapura Junction (Underpass)

The Center Span (Over Bakery Junction)

The View from the Top: Road towards Vanross Junction

Road up to Vazhuthacaud (and then to DPI Junction)

Commencing the descent to Panavila Junction

Approaching the Panavila Junction

The view back up from the Panavila Junction

Lovely curves on this baby!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, she is finally ready and already carrying traffic. After long last, Kerala's first true grade separator is operational in the State Capital. And after a few walk-abouts and drive-overs, I would say the wait has definitely been worth it! The flyover looks awesome, especially at night! Do pass on the pics to everyone who's been curious about "when that flyover will get built?" Well, all you doubting Thomases out there, it is all ready and waiting for you.


  1. Flyovers within cities that do not have a freeway that cuts across the city has been a pure waste of money. Look at the ones in Bangalore, they just help shift the bottleneck from one spot to the other. And after wasting so much money, now they have realized that and the corporation is trying to have an end-to-end plan in the ring roads. While it may look great and feel great it may not really give the results for which it was built for - de-congest traffic. The fundamental problem as always is of lack of capacity due to the centralized development paradigm of urban development. Kerala has the advantage of learning from other mega-cities and not blindly copy them.

  2. this is a pic that I never dreamt of seeing..!
    way to go tvm!

  3. I miss Trivandrum. This pic makes me happy so much. We used to laugh at those lonely pillars at Bakery Junction.

    Makes me miss Trivandrum more


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