Thursday, May 13, 2010

An Awesome Peek inside T3 - The Future is Here!

We have been following the development of the massive new International Terminal - T3 - at the Trivandrum International Airport with bated breath for over a year now. We have had to satisfy ourselves with exterior pictures till now but now my friend, Vivek, has gone and shot a stunning virtual tour of the interiors of T3. The terminal easily blows the pants off anything else in Kerala and probably outdoes the likes of BIAL and HIAL as well. Here are a few of his pictures, with his permission (more pics here and here):


  1. Awesome interiors!!! Our wait is finally over :)))Gud shots Vivek!

  2. i hope they have not built it with a massive overcapacity!!
    looks fantastically refreshing though!!

  3. I cant believe it our tvm !! way to go ;)

  4. But the attitude of the Staff also should be changed. They should give proper training in Passenger handling and language.

  5. Looks very impressive but for me the true value will be in the TOILETS (what can I say, always very important for ladies). I just came back from the UK and the lack of toilets in the unrenovated part of Gatwick airport was very evident (only 1 ladies toilet in the luggage collection area with only about 8 cubicles - constantly a long line up).

    I also hope that security will be improved as I was at airport during the unpleasant scuffle in February 2009 and I thought it was poorly handled and highly disturbing.


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