Friday, April 30, 2010

The power of a Tweet!

I had been invited to be part of a panel discussion on Rosebowl, called Talking Point, to discuss the pros and cons of Twitter. My fellow panel members, who included my friend Kenney Jacob, and I talked at length, including about the power of tweets in promoting an idea or product, or a person. But if anyone has doubts about that, take a look at what happened when Dr Tharoor tweeted a link to this blog.

"Excellent blog on NH issue but flies in the face of severe political resistance. In democracy popular will prevails"
The result? 50+ new followers on Twitter, 10+ new followers of the Blog and 1,400 visits in less than 24 hours!

Welcome to all of you, thanks for checking Trivandrum Rising out!


  1. Kudos boss, well when even a pristine writer and orator like Tharoor openly appreciated an article then it must be something more than 'very good'!

    And agree, this may not have come in a better time. For our print and press folks are fast asleep with eyes wide shut over this Highway issue. I heard one of the newspapers also carried an article lauding the decision of the 'all-party' dodos. What a situation!!

  2. Hurray you are gaining social media attention.... Remember:, for a blogger, Great attention brings greatt responsibility...


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