Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Idea for a new blog

A lot of my writing has been focused on the real estate sector, in which I have been working for the last five years or so. Most of it has been related to Trivandrum and its development, although some of my posts, such as those on REITs , FAR policy, urban plannng and IT infrastructure, have a wider perspective in the real estate domain.

I have been thinking about starting a separate blog for real estate based topics, with those related to Trivandrum finding space both there and here. What say, folks? I really want to hear your thoughts on this.


  1. seperating niches are always good! Go ahead Ajay!

  2. Well, ajay..personally, I cannot understand the intention of starting a new blog. Cos, even in cases were you ve been talking abt real estate, the focus has always been on tvm or at the least kerala..

    so,my doubt is whether it is worth to put all efforts to a new one when you already have already established a decent following here? ie, unless you plan to write just on real estate industry as such!

    i a wont make a difference to me :-)

  3. maybe if u want to use this as an official blog then !

    vishu ashamsakal !

  4. I suggest to start a blog that covers the whole of kerala. The discussions should include politics, our cultural merits and demerits, what we are good at, what are the opportunities we will have, how to achieve results, leadership, vision, mission etc.

    We, keralites are hard working people. But for us to work hard, we have to leave our country, This is a dilemma with which every malayalee (or rather every indian) is living. At least for the next generation's sake, we have to build and provide opportunities. And when I say opportunities, it should not be limited to tourism and IT.

    I am sick and tired of the leaderships in kerala(political level mostly). How can we provide an environment where entrepreneurs can experiment their business models in kerala and expand its results globally ? Socialist principles are theoretically good, but generating capital requires specific set of skills and we should provide environments for such people to lead us.

    We were part of the great developments in gulf countries. We can do it in kerala also!

  5. The general consensus seems to be go ahead with a new blog focusing on general real estate subjects. A few of you, including Ambili and Deepa, have been a bit skeptical while others (on FB/Twitter) feel that I may end up with two diluted blogs. Well I plan to have some common content, and keep focusing on this blog, while the new RE blog will have a few more technical posts, written in layman's lingo of course!
    Thanks for all your feedback, keep your thoughts coming! Cheers!

  6. I didn't fully understand the area of focus of the new one you were planning but the above comment of yours made things more clear.

    I think it would be a mistake shifting focus from this one. We should look up to a few of our friends who run multiple blogs and one of them remaining mostly dormant. If the main articles posted in the new one will be duplicated here too, then I guess it will be fine. I'd like to see 'Trivandrum Rising' being the #1 priority and not the new blog. Anyway we're waiting for the new one, as you've take decision to go ahead. Good luck Ajay! :-)

  7. ellavarkkum oru nalla kalam varnnam athinayi ellam taivagalode njan prathikunnu ...e lokam dukangal ilaatta oru sundrmaya snehathinte oru lokam athne namukku ellavarkkum orumiche nilkkam ...... sulaiman dubai


Thanks for your comment, I will take a look at it and put it up at the earliest.