Monday, March 15, 2010

Trivandrum on the F1 Map!

Trivandrum is on the Formula One map! No, we haven't gotten a race track yet, but Technopark-headquartered UST Global has put the city into the world's most high-tech and glamorous sport by becoming a partner of the Virgin Racing team.

UST Global's logo is proudly displayed on the VR_01 race car used by the Virgin Racing team.

Image Courtesy: Virgin Racing

With this, UST Global joins an elite list of global firms with a presence in F1, in which only a few Indian majors like the UB Group and TCS were members till this season. UST has put up a bill-board of their newest brand vehicle opposite the Technopark main gate and I hope that they bring the real deal down to Technopark to show off!

I was rejoicing over Schumi's return to F1 and now I have another reason to celebrate, Trivandrum has its own team! Let's all spare a cheer for Virgin Racing as well!!! Hip...Hip..Hurr- !

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  1. woowowow! this is news!

    me too have 2 things to be happy about...schumi's return and this :D

    and 1 big thing to be sad about//the moron alonso in ferrari colours:(:(:(


Thanks for your comment, I will take a look at it and put it up at the earliest.