Saturday, March 06, 2010

Rediff: Trivandrum one of the hottest IT Destinations in India

One of India's leading portals published a list of the hottest IT destinations in India and Trivandrum figures FOURTH on the list, after Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

The article mentions key points like the fact that Trivandrum accounts for about 80% of the IT exports of Kerala and that Technopark is one of the most prominent IT hubs in India. It also mentions that along with IT/ITES, biotechnology and medical care are becoming key sectors in Trivandrum and that the city hosts such world-class institutions as the VSSC, IISST and IISER. The rating comes at a welcome time when Trivandrum has started to market over Rs 10,000 Crores of IT infrastructure at Technopark Phase III and Technocity!

Do look through it and pass it on  to all your friends and anyone interested in knowing more about Trivandrum. Thanks in advance, folks!

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