Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Raktharakshas returns to Trivandrum

The legendary play "Raktharakshas" which dazzled and shocked audiences in the 70s is returning to its home city, Trivandrum, after playing to packed audiences in Chennai and Coimbatore. Touted as the stage-equivalent of Aliens, Avathar and Van Helsing combined, the play is all set to scare city audiences at the SMV School Ground on Manjalikulam Road.

Raktharakshas and Clash of The Titans premiering in the same week, there is a lot of scary things to watch in Trivandrum these days!


  1. hi,

    got a chance to watch the so called 'notorious' drama ''raktha rakshas''......i feel sad and pity....
    creators should be aware about the change happened between is not the 70's....
    poor 'amateurish' performance by the majority artists and the very very poor direction which is

    sufficient to spoil the whole malayalam drama/theater's name and goodwill....
    i think, the team kalanilayalam is not awareof the changes happening in the current drama industry...
    even some of the fantasy books (targeting kids) are good enough to frighten us, when compared to

    this 'rakshas' (mask for the title character should have avoided, as it is funny)!!!
    it surprises me, with a good fame and the technical advantages acquired by them, kalanilayalam is

    still following such a pathetic path on the performance and direction side !!!
    it will be better if they seek help, suggestions and involvement (at least) from b-class professional

    artists/creators, for a better tomorrow.

    this is our humble request.

    nb- kalanilayam dramas can be watched only for the excellent settings and different stage attractions

    changing within a fraction of 5-10sec (i agree, it is still an unbelievable wonder)...

    thanx & rgds
    some well wishers of dramas/plays

  2. Have to agree with you on some counts like the ham-acting of some of the cast, but I guess that they will get better as the performance progresses. I feel that if we go in with a sort of 'willing suspension of disbelief' bearing in mind that we are about to see a desi drama and not a multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbuster, we will be quite impressed.

    Overall, well worth a watch!

  3. Well, Hollywood Blockbusters are made of billions of dollars and 90% of those are only meant to display theatrical brilliance and technical quality and lack many things on the artistic side.The only reason many of those films gain so many Oscars is simply because they themselves are awarding the oscars.

    I've acted in a few plays myself & I can say from my experience that it's just not that easy as you think it is, to go out there & display brilliance in performance. I've just returned after watching this play. Of course from the performance side, there're shortcomings (like the mask used currently, as mentioned above)which I'm sure will be corrected with realtime experience but I must say from the settings & overall theatrical effects, it's "Fantastic", especially the sound effects which are brilliant. Also, I did'nt spot anything to be called "PATHETIC" in it.

    Anything it's indeed way better than the so called "Superstars" & "Megastars" throwing dozens of villains all over the Big Screen just to get meaningless applauses from brainless maniacs who call themselves Fans Associations! It's worth a watch & you won't be dissapointed. You can take my word for it.

  4. really its an excellent drama, am agreed. but they should change the mask of the rakshas.


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