Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Suggestions for the Union and Rail Budgets

TDF has submitted a number of suggestions to Dr Shashi Tharoor, for development projects in Trivandrum to be included in the upcoming Railway and Union Budgets. The list is available here. Request all of you to review and let me know if any points have to be added. Make haste as the budget days loom!


  1. I think everyone forgot the offer made by Railways to start a Super Speciality Hospital at Trivandrum.

  2. Sarin, we have mentioned this in our memorandum to Dr Tharoor and understand that he has taken up the matter as a priority issue!

    I think we have had quite enough projects hijacked from Trivandrum!

  3. The memorandum is pretty much comprehensive. The most important issues are well highlighted. Good thoughts, there is no point in sending out a wishlist containing two dozen improbable items on it, like how our MLAs and MPs do 2 days before the presentation. You guys have done a good job.

    And with Dr. Tharoor good at the job one can be assured of ideas turning into realities. Happy to hear Dr. Tharoor has the Railway Medical College on his priority list. :)

    Ajay, is there any reason why the survey of Trivandrum- Punaloor line parallel to MC Road (and then connecting to Sabari line to Angamali) has been left out of the memorandum? I thought at least the survey could be initiated. We will surely need a parallel line once Vizhinjam materializes.

    Thanks :)

  4. Thanks, Scorpio. We were trying to priortise as well as look at items which would minimize the net fund requirement. There are a few areas where we need funds to be alloted such as the port connectivity project and the upgradation of Kochuveli and Nemom. A new rail line along the M C Road is unlikely to see the light of day this year, especially when our esteemed MoS for Railways is batting for electrification and doubling in N Kerala.

    Hope you and the rest of the gang can pass this list around and see if any further suggestions come about. Thanks!

  5. Some of the point in my mind.

    1) 1 new train each to Bangalore and Chennai should be started at the earliest. (Its very difficult to get a ticket in these routes amd ppl needs to book it atleat 2 months ahead to travel on fridays to tvm and back on Sundays.)
    These trains should stop only at Ernakulam other than its destination station. The trains to Bangalore should start at 6 pm and reach b'lore at around 7am and the one to Chennai should start at 5 pm and reach Chennai before 7 am - This will attract lot of ppl who r travelling by bus because at the moment bus takes only 12 hrs fr travel and train takes around 15 hrs owings to plenty of stops. The railways can start these train on a trial basis - ie. have the trains run to Tvm on Fridays and the return jouney on Sunday.

    2) Aquire more land in and around Nemom at the earliest so that we can have a new terminal and Coach overhaling Unit.
    (a) Land aquasition should be done for Nemom terminal in such a way that there should be atleast 10 platforms and the required no: of pit and sick lane - keeping an eye for future development. All north bound trains should start from Nemom(making TVC a passing station with may be 10 mins halt for all trains) Nemom station being very near to NH which has good bus connectivity to City would be more ideal for ppl than Kochuveli.
    (b) Coach overhauling of Kerala trains happens in Chennai and we get back only old coaches instead of new coaches after we sent it there.

  6. Some more points.....
    3) Kochuveli station should more platforms(may 5 or more) for more trains to start, railoverbridges (atleast 1) for people to cross from one platform to other without cutting the tracks. At present if someone accidentally reaches the platform at beachside and has to cross to the otherside he has to cross around 10-15 tracks.

    4) A proposal for tripling of tracks should be submitted asap for Nagarcoil - ernakulamm strech keeping in mind of the high passenger traffic and container goods traffic from ports which r coming up in tvm and ekm.

    5) Steps should be initiated to quadriple the rail line b/w parasala and varkala(or atleast a station near attingal) and develop smaller stations in b/w with ample parking space - this will help the railways to run MEMUs (thru dedicated tracks) every 15 mins or so like in Chennai. This will serve as a quick and cheaper way of transport and help reduce the congestion of roads (not to mention the environment friendly factor).

  7. Ajay i have a few suggestions for the development of our city.
    can u mail me ur mailid so that i can mail u my ideas/suggestions.

    My emailid is

    Vijay B Nair

  8. Thanks for the suggestions, Vijay. I have sent you a mail, let's keep in touch!

  9. Other Points in my mind which is not there in the memorandum_Union_Buget --
    1) Central government should take up and do the funding for the Vizhinjam port Project, taking into consideration of the benefits of the project, and help complete the project at the earliest..
    2) Bring the proposed IIT to Trivandrum. I believe we have enough land although some relocation is needed .
    3) International standard stadiums for
    (a) Cricket - I believe Trivandrum is the only South Indian Capital without an International cricket stadium. Heard BCCI planning for a stadium in Cochin other than the exsisting one. It will be a waist of money doing so over there. If we can have it here it will give big boost to all cricket fans out here.
    (b) Football stadium - I dont think the exsisting stadiums are of International standards.
    4) Electricity - We need to finish the following works at the earliest so that Trivandrum has uninturupted power supply for Technopark, Technocity, Vizhinjam port, Poovar shipyard, Railways, etc.
    (a) Upgradation project of Kayamkulam thermal power plant
    (b) Koodankulam Atomic Power Plant
    Uninturupted power supply can be highlighted to bring in more Investment in IT and non-IT sectors to the city (At present cities like Bangalore, Chennai, etc have severe shortage of power especially during summer and i have heard the powercuts are may be upto 6 hrs/day)
    6) Zoological Park and Aquarium
    A new zoological park at the outskirts of the city (like the Anna Zoological park in Chennai. )
    At present Trivandrum zoo (just 55 acres) is over crowded and there is not much space for bringing in new species. So a new zoological park in the outskirts will help in reducing the congestion in the present zoo, addition of more animal, improve in conservation and upkeeping of animals. A new world-class aquarium also need to be setup, if possible in the present zoo campus after shitingout some of the animals to the new zoological park.
    This will help in attracting more tourists.


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