Monday, December 21, 2009

IFFK 2009 - Film 6

Film: Operation Danube
Language: Polish - Czech - Russian
Year: 2009
Director: Jacek Gomb
IFFK Section: World Cinema
Theatre: New

This hilarious film tells the story of the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact forces in 1968 to prop up the communist Government. A tank crew of misfits, driving a WW II vintage tank smashes through into the pub of a small Czech town. What starts out as hostile exchanges eventually settles down into a symbiotic relationship and finally into complete cooperation. Things go to such an extent that Poles and Czechs get entangled in romantic relationships and decide to elope together to Vienna on the tank.

Though shot with humor in nearly every frame, the film showcases the fact that beneath the rhetoric which is the cause of almost any conflict, the ordinary people on either side have a lot in  common and little problems with the other side.

The screening was attended by the Director and a couple of his crew members, and the audience gave the a bout of rousing applause at the end of the film!

IFFK 2009 has managed to improve on the already enviable standards set by its 2008 edition. Innovations like the SMS booking facility were probably seen for the first time at any major international film festival.

With over 8000 registered delegates, it was not surprising that many shows were packed even in large theaters like New or Ajanta. We got crowded out a couple of times. The trend of the increasing proportion of youngsters in the audience over the past few days is very encouraging for the future of cinema in Kerala.

Once again, IFFK cements its place as one of the biggest and richest cultural experiences in India. Some of the delegates I spoke to reaffirmed the opinion that IFFK has left IFFI in its wake. No wonder that the Chief Minister pointed out that IFFK had become the main cultural event of the State. Hopefully, this means that the dream of a permanent central venue in the State Capital will be realised soon.

Looking forward to IFFK 2010.

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