Thursday, December 17, 2009

IFFK 2009 - Film 1

Yes, India's biggest and most popular film festival has rolled in for the 14th time to its permanent home, Trivandrum. With over 250 movies being screened at 9 venues and over 8000 delegates attending the festival, IFFK is now in a league of its own.

The festival's organisation has also been getting better over the years. While online reservation started last year, the 2009 edition also introduced SMS-based reservations for almost all the venues. And considering the rush at many of the screenings, that was a well-conceived idea. The rush was such that film fans were routinely sitting on steps for some films and Korean and Iranian films witnessed the kind of scenes usually witnessed at the opening shows of Mohanlal or Surya blockbusters.

Film: Alphaville
Language: French
Year: 1962
Director: Jean-Luc Godard
IFFK Section: French New Wave
Theatre: Kripa

Image Courtesy: The Motley View

Viji, her brother Sanu and I went on the promise that it was French and sci-fi before the advent of CGI. With the exception of yours truely, the rest of the band were francophones, but sadly, Alphaville was far from a Forbidden Planet or Metropolis, and looked more like a poor, B&W imitation of a "Captain Vyom".

Solid thumbs-down!

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