Monday, December 21, 2009

IFFK 2009 - Film 5

Film: Stars in the Day (Pakal Nakshathrangal)
Language: Malayalam
Year: 2009
Director: T Rajeevnath
IFFK Section: Malayalam Cinema Today
Theatre: New

Yes, we went to a Malayalam movie too, would have not to do so in a Film Festival being held in Trivandrum. Perhaps the other way round, but what the heck! 

T. Rajeevnath recounts the circumstances surrounding the mysterious death of a famous film director through the investigation carried out by his writer-son. The tale is full of twists and turns as the director's life and the many women in his life are laid out. The plot also takes a supernatural twist through a couple of seances and portray the protagonist, played by Mohanlal (yeah, he got cheered even by the IFFK audience), as a man who takes abstractness to the extreme.

Nice twist in the end, and a good movie overall. The screening was attended by the Director, and two members of the cast, Anoop Menon - who also wrote the screenplay - and Lakshmi Gopalaswamy.

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