Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Volvos Ahoy!

Trivandrum today joined the ranks of  major cities across the world and India with the launch of the world's leading brand of luxury city buses, the Volvo 8400, at a function at the Central Stadium. Chief Minister V. S. Achuthanandan launched the buses for the first time in Kerala.

The service starts at 7:00 AM tomorrow!

Routes are:

Kovalam - Thiruvallam - East Fort - Palayam - Pattoor - Pettah - Kumarapuram - Medical College - Ulloor - Sreekariyam - Technopark

Kowdiar - Vellayambalam - Vazhuthacaud - Thycaud - East Fort - West Fort - Eanchakkal - Chackai - Beach - Airport

Sasthamangalam - Thampanoor - Palayam - Airport 

The fares start at Rs 10 for the first 5 Kms and then Rs 1.5 for each additional Km. 

Be there or be square!!!


  1. Real beauties!! Thanks for the pix Ajay!
    Waiting for the real life experience of travelling on board these beauties. :)

    And you also have them plying through your locality, man! And what a pity, none through my area, PMG- Pattom route :( I will have to reach Palayam to alight one of these.

    This will truly be international travel experience for our folks, way to go Trivandrum!! :)

  2. times r indeed changing...
    the times of those red and sandal coloured city buses of TVM r coming to an end

  3. Buses are of International standards. But, except for a few kilometers, all other roads are of Jambavan standard. Nuts and bolts of buses will tear apart very soon.

  4. Bala - The roads in Trivandrum are better than what we see in almost any other Tier II city in India. Just look elsewhere in Kerala for a valid comparison. The last couple of years have been bad for our roads due to the work under the JBIC, KSUDP and TCRIP projects. But things are getting better, and once JBIC and TCRIP work is completed in 2010, we will have superb roads across the city.

  5. Still any info abt the ticket rates??

  6. Nice photos Ajay... Hope to travel in those buses when I come to Trivandrum next week.

  7. The ticket rates start at Rs 10 for the first 5 Km and then Rs 1.50 for each subsequent Km. One might pay just Rs about Rs 35/- from Kovalam to Technopark or Rs 22/- from the Airport to East Fort!

  8. More buses to Technopark from Pappanamcode, Peroorkada and Sasthamangalam routes are required. If KSRTC can give the current location of an AC bus and the estimated time of arrival at a location as a response to SMS/call querry then there would be more takers for such buses

  9. 18 Rs for technopark to Ulloor. And they have stops inside the park ;)!

  10. Thanks for the update, Srijith. The stops inside the Park are confirmed? I had discussed this with the management a couple of weeks ago, dunno if they put into practice.

  11. Vijay, more buses and more routes will be rolled as the rest of the 30 Volvos come in over the next three to four months.

    The SMS update suggestion is a great idea, why don't you put it across to Technopark management and KSRTC? I can help with that, if need be.

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  13. Susan - welcome back, first of all!

    The buses have bi-lingual (English and Malayalam) electronic destination/route displays on their front, side and rear. The guide will take a bit longer as the routes and timings will not stablise till about March 2010 when all the buses arrive and the entire route network can be commissioned. I am sure the details will be available well before you grace our city again, Susan. Welcome back in advance!

  14. WOW!!! This is Just AWESOME... :)
    Nice to see these wonderful vehicles colorize our city.

    HOpe it gets well-maintained and strictly maintains the hygiene levels (by the passengers mostly)...It would be Sad to see if its treated or becomes like the old KSRTC Buses(Overcrowded,DIRTY& DECAYED ones running IN the city, which ruins the texture of the city).
    I'm not impying anything Bad on KSRTC's service here,its just the presentation I'm speaking of. Representation of Transport plays a Big role on the appeal of any city.

    THanx for showing this and Gr8 to see the updates from a person who truly wants to see a developed city...Kudos to u Mate...:)

  15. Me - currently in Tvm and I am very happy to see that these buses are getting popular. I can see not only the techie crowd, but the common men also preferring to take a ride on these buses.

    Ajay, appreciating your efforts to popularise this via your blog.


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