Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Tale of Lost Projects......

A rare report in the mainstream media about major projects diverted from Trivandrum to other parts of Kerala. Do watch it to understand how we have been consistently been short-changed by successive State and Central Governments over the years.


  1. ^^^ Finally one media boldly came forward to tell the naked truth !!! Will it make any difference ?!?!

  2. LPSC has centers in Trivandrum and Mahendragiri.
    So,I don't get the praharam in this example.
    There should have been some trouble with having a second LPSC center in TVM then..just thinking aloud.


  3. I agree with you, Nikhil, since Mahendragiri is right next to Trivandrum and is a satellite facility. The other reason is that Mahendragiri is a facility which primarily tests rocket engines, something which cannot be done in a major city like Trivandrum. That bit of reporting was pretty out of line with the other instances of diversion mentioned.

  4. Its sad to see how many projects tvm had lost over the years...As mentioned in news article one of the main reason for this is lack of interest from the part of politicians of tvm including MLAs and MPs and dont get me wrong when I say that even Sashi Tharoor has also not been able to do much other than the development in the twinning project...I know he has his limitations and also that he's been in talks with investors which is a good thing but what we need is a public awareness...people always come to know about what they will lose once a project comes up but they never know or rather are never educated on the advantages and the job oppurtunities such a project will bring...I say this bcoz the majority of the people are not net users like us and the visual and print media also do not help them understand the advantages...all the media care is the news created when controversies brew up...even asianet who have published this news item in their wesite do not give much importance it in their NEWS channel


Thanks for your comment, I will take a look at it and put it up at the earliest.