Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Committe to rescue Mega-projects

Keeping with the line of the previous two posts, I was happy to find out that the Government of Kerala has a set up a High Powered Committee to examine causes for the delays in executing major projects and to suggest remedial measures. It is composed of the former Chief Secretary, Sri- V. Ramachandran and Dr. Jayathilak, Commissioner, Rural Development.

The objectives of the Committee include:

1. Review and suggest improvements for existing tendering and contracting systems
2. Identify and suggest remedial measures for organisational and process gaps in Government departments and agencies
3. Suggestions for expediting the Clearance of major projects
4. Improving Land Acquisition
5. Improve Project monitoring

The best part is that I have been invited to have a discussion with the Committee on the subject in view of my interest and experience in it. (I guess the blog's been going places, lol, or may be it was the publicity in The Hindu last week). 

I will be meeting the Committee sometime in early November and since many of you have come up with great suggestions on the topics I have written about, I request all of you to chip in with points and suggestions that need to be highlighted to the Committee. You can post them here or, better still, mail them to me when you get time. Let's put some thought to this, this is perhaps the best opportunity ever for the common man to have his say in the lofty game of mega-projects. Top marks to the Committee for its interest in what the public has to say. After all, the success of projects like Vizhinjam and Technocity will mean a lot to all of us and to everyone in Kerala in the years to come!

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