Sunday, August 30, 2009

The TDF Presentation

And here is the presentation....


  1. Even 'superb' is a mild word to say! Wishes for the honest works be rewarded.

    I'm a novice to talk about such a professional presentation but to the best of my knowledge Unitech, Raheja and Mahindra has landbank in Trivandrum. The recession struck at a bad time, but even then it is good to note that we have a good chunk of u/c floor space in the city by the time the industry pick up. So thats one huge step forward in the right direction. Also IBM and Oracle did exhibit their interest in Trivandrum before the recession bomb as you know very well. Its all positive signs!

    While Infosys, Wipro and ACS grew in a lesser pace compared to their Bangalore or Chennai centers we still have success stories like UST and IBS who've provided the Kerala IT scenario more positive image.

    Ajay, before we go about talking about constructing IT Parks in brick and mortar, we must seriously address the major threat it faces in Kerala. Surely you heard about the move to bring in Trade Unions to IT Field, you think the MNCs would fail to notice such moves? This has to be addressed in an expedite manner but its not your field of work, I know. One honestly wish these politicians show at least 5% the honesty you have towards the state.

    Anyway I dont have much to add to the slideshow, its pretty comprehensive and professional. You won't mind me using some images and info for posting in some of the other forums we know, would you? :)

    Thanks, and great work! :)

  2. Good job!!!
    I'm passionate about TVM and want this city to develop and develop fast! I find people have this really wrong image of TVM ! Why is this?Why is it that people like to say bad about TVM?It really makes me angry!! Why does the rest of Kerala spread bad rumours about TVM and people of TVM??Esp people from central parts of kerala.There are bad people there too!!Things are not in any ways better out there!!Who do they think they are? Wht makes them feel they are superior or better than TVM? Their attitute sucks big time!!!Hope blogs like this will turn this around.


Thanks for your comment, I will take a look at it and put it up at the earliest.