Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Strategy for IT

Quick update folks! As you know, TDF is committed to supporting the Government in evolving strategies and in implementing initiatives to promote development.

Keeping with this effort, we submitted a presentation outlining a comprehensive and time-bound Strategy to Develop IT/ITES Infrastructure in Kerala to the Government today.

Kerala needs to evolve a new paradigm to emulate the success of the other Southern States which have built up a world-class IT/ITES hub before commencing efforts to disperse the industry into second-tier cities. TDF feels that Kerala's decentralisation strategy may be counter-productive and correcting this, at least till the State's IT hub - Trivandrum - is within hailing distance of the likes of Pune and Kolkata may reap rich dividends for all the cities in the State on a longer term.

I hope to have the presentation uploaded shortly for all of you to go through and give your valuable suggestions. Stay tuned!

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