Friday, July 31, 2009

The New Face of Malayalam Cinema

Forget the story (not much of it anyways) or the variable speed shots (best seen in the cult graphic novel movie 300), this flick is all about the man - you know who. While it probably goes a bit overboard in projecting Prithviraj, the movie really runs on him and is possibly the first completely hero-centric film in Malayalam cinema in a long while.

And Prithviraj is probably the first true action-hero in Malayalam. The last guy to even have thrown a challenge would have been Gopi-saar in one of my all-time favorite movies, Commissioner! Prithviraj has arrived, ladies and gentlemen.

Make way, retire (M & M, this means you) and swoon over! (Give up, would be the advice to the not-so-better half of Manju Warrier)

To those of you who are wondering why I am commenting about a movie, two answers. One, I loved the performance and, two, BVN is on his way to the US, to embark on an MBA. Guess that means I stand in for him till he re-joins from over there.

Safe travels, mon amie. I hope this is a short interlude and not a long sojourn. We will all miss you!


  1. I ve seen similar posters in Bangalore for Kannada movies. Only thing missing is the red gopi! :)

  2. yes...he's got charisma , he's got talent..
    but I dont agree to one statement there :D...'move over m&m'...Their time is still not up...and remember 'Bhramaram' released just over 2 weeks back...:)

  3. Oh Ajay, you into film reviews now!!??

    I usually dislike reading film reviews after some disgusting write-ups I read for some fascinating movies, it all depends on the individual taste, still I'd like to see how you fare here.. Well, I'll read them with an open mind. Hope you'll do well.. :)

  4. I think it depends on the definition of action-hero.

    I loved Mohanlal in Devasuram and Aaram Thamburan... action was good!
    And the camera techniques were not so good back then to show variable speed shots. But I agree when you say Prithviraj has arrived. I think he arrived long back. Most of us (die hard lal/mamookka fans) just didn't want to accept the end of an era.

  5. First action hero? You got to be kidding?

    What abt Lal in Irupathan Nottandu, Dowthyam, Rajavinte Makan, Aryan etc?

    What abt Jayan from early 80s?

  6. Speaking as a non-Malayali I've just gotta know - how tall is he :-). Maybe next time I come back to Kerala I'll go to a Malayalam movie - perhaps by then one of you bright sparks will have worked out a simultaneous translation device like in Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy.

  7. Susan - Prithviraj must be about 6 foot 2 inches tall. Lol, I am working on a new version of the Babelfish! Along with that the Impossibility Drive.

    Jeff - Yes, Lal was good in those movies - Irupatham Noottandu is one of my all-time favorites - but he never had the kind of physical presence that Prithviraj has. That is something which a true action hero must have - the physique to convince us that he can really knock all those bad guys out. The same reason why it is hard to swallow the likes of Dileep sending villains flying unless they are of the comic variety.

  8. mohan lal is the greatest actor kerala has ever got...prithviraj is still a kid infront of lalettan..ajay dont tell abt physique,he is the most flexible actor..take 4 instance yodha,devasuram,aaram thampuran,kireedom,aaryan,spadikam to name a few action roles..and we all know about pritvirajs physique in his earlier flicks..dont over rate an actor..and puthiya mugham has nothing to atleast talk in this crap..can he do a movie so convincingly like bhramaram..not in this century...

  9. Mammootty is still the Best. He has got good looks and is far soothing than the old garbage appearance of Lal.


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