Saturday, May 16, 2009

The New Face of Trivandrum

Dr. Shashi Tharoor wins by 100,045 votes!

I especially like the start he has made, be it symbolic!

In an innovative and first-of-its-kind move, Dr. Tharoor is setting up a citizen group to promote development, to which TDF and I have been invited. More details soon!


  1. Ajay - what a wonderful day for Trivandrum, the whole state of Kerala and TDF! I can't help but contrast this positive result with the recently concluded election in my 'native place' (British Columbia, Canada) which returned a fairly roundly disliked premier for a record third term and had a PATHETIC voter turnout of only 48%! I am certain that when I come again to Trivandrum (not sure when) I will be impressed with what has been accomplished.

    On a different note - if Dr. Tharoor is still interested in the twinning of Trivandrum with a foreign city I would like to suggest Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (where I live) rather than a city in Europe. Why? Victoria and Trivandrum have much in common - both are capital cities, high tech and resource based industries are present, tourism is a major earner and much more.

    I'm here for 4 more weeks and I'll keep an eye on the blog for bus news (and more).

  2. Well done to Sashi and all who have supported him.
    It's been a long time since a person who is genuinely wants to work for the good of his constituents and the city has been elected.
    Our city needs all his help and support.
    Hope Sashi lives up to his promises

  3. awesome news coming in today!
    and that symbolic gesture of removing the posters was a good and thoughtful one to start with

  4. Ajay! 3 cheers for the effort put for Tharoor.. :)

    My hopes are really high on you joining hands with our MP who knows what he is doing, and how to do it.

    Am all excited about the Citizen's group too.. Thongs have already started moving eh?

    Well begun is half done Ajay! ALL THE BEST! :)

  5. Ajay
    Great news.Congrats to TDF and you for being invited.
    Hope he stick to his promises. :-)



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