Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Time to Vote

Tomorrow is V-day, time for us to remember that we too have stakes in this game called governance, the only time every five years or so when the politicians are at our mercy and not the other way round.


Our issues and aspirations may be different but voting is the only way they will every be heard. Not voting is the worst thing to do, because that means forgoing a fundamental right, the right to choose. And while the common refrain for not voting is that nobody can make a difference on their own, lots of votes can mean lots of difference. By not voting, we forgo our right to better governance. Only a Responsive and Responsible Public can demand a Responsible Government. So either vote or hold our tongues for ever!

Secondly, while this is an apolitical blog, I would like to say that the development agenda that has been consistently the idea behind this blog and the idea that we have discussed through various posts is most aligned with the vision of Dr. Shashi Tharoor.

This is not a recommendation nor an indictment of the Left or the Right or the Center, just my view of a man and his vision. In an election where all parties and their agglomerations look far less than ideal to vote for, my advice is to vote for the best candidate. If you decide to vote not for Palestine or the Mandir or according to your denomination, vote for the development of our city - which is a critical need not just for us but for future generations when the other issues have long been buried.

And while you enjoy yet another day off this week, after you have cast your vote of course, please take some time out to read through the latest edition of the TDF Newsletter. It makes for some interesting reading, especially the main article on Vizhinjam, which packs some interesting revelations that most of the mainstream media chose to ignore.


  1. End of the V-day, as you call it.

    Trivandrum has been desperate Ajay.. WHY WHY WHY???

  2. Lets all pray for the victory of Shasi Tharoor...... One big thing, that worries me, is comparatively the pooling percentage at Trivandrum has reduced. Its owinf to the long holidays prior to the V Day and majority of the city's elite population who are strong supporters of Tharoor have left the city for various purposes. This worries me a lot, as its sure, only Middle class and upper class of the city do find its support in Tharoor than the poorer sections who finds him as an alien......

    Now all in the Hands of Padmanabha, to decide how shall make his land more better place to live or not


Thanks for your comment, I will take a look at it and put it up at the earliest.