Monday, March 30, 2009

Act One completed.

I am back, a little hungrier but a lot wiser as well from my 12-hour stint at the Strike for the Restoration of the High Court Bench in Trivandrum. Thanks for the messages of support, mates, both here and over the phone.

A memorable day indeed, also for the reason that we crossed 50,000 hits at the same. Not much for nearly three years of blogging I admit, especially when lots of blogs that discuss Bollywood gossip, cricket, politics and what not get many times the attention. I sure don't mind that, because of the simple fact that I am sure all of you who read and support this blog are interested in the development of our city and related issues. That is what this blog is about, after all. The object is not to generate hits but to generate awareness about and create a dialogue about developmental issues. I am so blown away by the fact that there are lots of people out who genuinely care about such a non-glamourous cause! Thanks again, folks!

The struggle for the HC Bench will be a long one. The activists realise that and I admire the dedication of the lawyers and the legal staff who have stuck to their guns without much political or public support. That is one of the tragedies of Kerala - too many armchair activists, who prefer to comment at length about the issues they see in the media, but never spare a thought about doing something about them, however urgent they be. That is probably why tens of thousands turn out enthusiastically for film award nights but scarcely a few dozen can be found to support worthy causes under the burning Sun.

Till we realise that we must make our own Destinies and not depend on Chance or various divinities, things will be the way they are.


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