Monday, February 09, 2009

Curtain-raiser to 2009

We have always hazarded guesses on the year ahead for Trivandrum, over the past couple of years and got it pretty much on the dot, albeit with a few delays here and there. In the wake of the financial tsunami in which all of us are still paddling through in the hope of finding a suitable palm tree to scramble up and save our souls, one would think predictions are not a good idea. But what's life, if not for its risks and excitement?!

Since the world seems to have gone into total chaos lately, it is a bit too optimistic to make exact dates on when what will happen so let's just look at what all could happen and not when. (In some sort of chronological order?!)

1. Terminal 3 of the Trivandrum International Airport should be open for passengers by the middle of the year. The WS-Atkins designed structure will be the most modern-looking structure in India and will be currently be able to handle around 2 million international passengers a year through four aerobridges.

2. Air India's Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul base, in association with Boeing, should also open its giant doors for the first aircraft at the same time.

3. A couple of months earlier, Infosys Technologies will unveil the first phase of its giant, architecturally-stunning campus at Technopark. With an eventual capacity of 12,000, the first phase will accommodate 2000 techies with the same number to join in by the end of year as Phase 2 becomes operational. The campuses of TCS and UST Global are set to begin work in the first half of the year.

4. Construction work on the first component of the 2.5 million sq.ft. Technopark Phase III should kick off in the latter half of the year once the detailed design has been completed and funding tied up.

5. The current negotiations between Technopark and a number of major developers for the development of Technocity will result in at least one parcel being taken up for development in the latter half of the year.

6. The judicial hurdle in front of the $ 2 billion Vizhinjam Deep-water Container Transshipment Terminal should have been overcome in the early part of the year and development of Kerala's largest infrastructure project will be well advanced with a start of construction date in early 2010.

7. Work on various JNNURM projects including water and sewerage systems and the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) will be in progress by the end of the year while TCRIP work should be well-advanced, potentially including the commissioning of the Bakery Jn. flyover by end-2009.

8. Despite the slowdown in the property-development sector, 2009 will see a flurry of residential developments and townships from major developers, as well as large mixed-use projects like EWDPL's Treasure Market City and Kshitij's Trivandrum Central mall.

This is as far as I will go right now. Please let me know if I have missed out anything important or if you think my time-lines are not right. Let's all keep our fingers and toes crossed, that 2009 will not be as dark a year as many fortell. Stay tuned, folks!

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  1. Hi..I'm excited about all the projects that is coming up in TVM .I hope it all actually become a reality at the earliest. But i think care must be taken to ensure that the city does not get too polluted and congested and end up like EKM. Along with all the development,the calmness and serenity and beauty of the city must be retained that is my plea.
    Some sugesstion i have are:
    1.I think side walks and trees are are a must on every road . And these side walks should be titled and have hand rails(like in vellayambalam).
    The side walks from Airport road to general hospital is in bad shape and work on it must be resumed at the earlist as that is the first site of Tvm roads that people see once they land in the Tvm airport and travel into the city.
    2.The government before grantig sanction for shops like jewellery shops, optical shops, shopping malls,hotels etc should ensure that they have sufficent space for parking,if they dont ,then they should redesign their buildig to accomodate an under ground car park or something. This will avoid parking of cars on the roads. In places like chalai and pulimoodu facilies like muti-story car park should be built if possible.
    3. Another important point is that once all this come up the the government and peope of ths country think everything is over.The work does not end there maintanence is also of utmost importance. Most of the govt bulding and shops and other commercial bulding are in bad shape . I think the government need to look into that matter too. Because these bulding are the face of the city.There should be some authority that checks if all they commercial , government and other buildings are maintained (like painted once in 5 years or so etc) in proper order.


Thanks for your comment, I will take a look at it and put it up at the earliest.