Thursday, January 29, 2009

TCR Masterplan Seminar Updates

The seminar was held on the 28th and 29th of January at our beautiful Kanakakunnu Palace. I had the opportunity to attend on both days and I believe it was a great success. Not only was there good participation from the concerned departments and agencies, but from NGOs and other organisations as well.

While the outcome of the Seminar is still being collated and it will take a long post to enumerate all the points which came out in two days of discussions and presentations, here is what I think is a fair upshot:

1) The Trivandrum Capital Region needs to be constituted at the earliest. It will consist not just of the TRIDA area but the surrounding muncipalities and urbanised panchayaths.

2) A detailed Master Plan needs to be prepared urgently taking the entire TCR into account. All effort will be put in to have a draft ready by Jan 2010 and final approval by Dec 2010.

3) Capability and human resource building needs to be done to formulate and implement the Master Plan.

4) A separate Development Agency could be constituted to implement the Master Plan. It was also suggested that TRIDA be expanded to take on this role.

5) The Master Plan will focus on new development areas like the IT Corridor and the Vizhinjam - Poovar area, as well as improve conditions within the core city area.

6) The Plan may have separate components for the Core City and the Suburbs.

7) The Master Plan will integrate multiple layers of planning and infrastructure such as land use, utilities, housing, mass transit, environment and heritage. It will also aim to provide benefit to all sections of the population and to minimise inequity.

8) The Master Plan will keep in mind demand levels in 2020 as a bare minimum and will look ahead till 2030 at least.

9) Public Private Partnership has been mooted at every level of project implementation. Resource mobilisation by the local bodies is also another important suggestion.

10) The ultimate aim of the Plan is a Trivandrum Metropolitan Region of at least 2 million population by 2020.

The Trivandrum Development Front was one of the NGOs which helped organise this event and it also made a presentation on the "Impact of Knowledge Industries on the TCR". The presentation is available for download using the link on the sidebar. (or you can go here) I request all of you to review it when you get time and let me know your thoughts.

Special thanks to all of you who took the time to send in your suggestions for the TCR Master Plan. Let me remind all of you that the suggestions are still being collated for final presentation to the Chief Minister and the Cabinet in a couple of weeks, so please do send in more of your thoughts so that we can pass them on to TRIDA. Thanks, folks!

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