Thursday, December 18, 2008

IFFK Day Two

My second day was on Monday, as Sunday had been spent checking out wifey's cooking at home. Having assured myself that the rest of my life was suitably provisioned with tasty cuisine for the rest of life, I tried out Kedma.

The Second World War and all things associated with it have been the center of focus of my military history interest and the formation of Israel, immediately after the War - the setting for the film - has never failed to get my admiration.  Ever since I read "90 minutes at Entebbe" - the story of one of the most heroic and audacious commando raids in history - I have admired the tenacity, courage and resourcefulness of the people of Israel. Kedma paints a vivid picture of the early days of the creation of Israel when the Jews fought not just the Arabs but the retreating British as well. The ultra-long, uninterruped camera shots employed by Amos Gitai, especially the introduction and climax, were the highlights of the movie.

BVN, ever the true friend, apparently refused a seat to Kamal, which made the screening extra special!  

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