Friday, December 26, 2008

IFFK - Curtain Falls

My last movie at IFFK 2008 was one of my most eagerly awaited ones, "Dreams of Dust". Eagerly awaited because it had received good reviews in its first outing, it had an intriguing plot and it was from Burkina Faso, a country few of us can locate on the map and whose cinema was probably not likely to be high on the download list of the Torrent universe. What is a film festival for, if not to experience the really exotic among films and genres?

Dreams of Dust was well shot, it captured the oppressive and dehumanised nature of the life in many parts of Africa where a few dollars are a fortune, for which people have no qualms killing each other.

The story of the lead character doesn't fail to strike a chord with anyone who has been to a strange new place or in a strange new role, despite the remoteness of its demographic and geographic context from any of us. The stories of the miners scratching out a living digging out near-barren gold ore with their bare hands doesn't fail to tug at the heart-strings either.

The subtle twist in the plot towards the end left me and BVN wondering whether right and wrong blend into each other in such extreme conditions of human existance. Perhaps, the end was a bit too abrupt but the movie left plenty of food for thought.

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