Thursday, November 13, 2008

Technopark Phase III looks stunning

The design for the 42 acre parcel of Technopark Phase III which is to be developed by Technopark itself, has been released. The stunning design was developed by India's top architect Hafeez Contractor working with Kerala's leading design firm, Iyer and Mahesh. Over 2.1 million sq.ft of business space and nearly 1 million sq.ft. of space just for parking.

The design is futuristic, breaking away from the traditional designs of Technopark buildings till date and creating a campus which would compare very favorably with any in the world. In fact, it just might give the Infosys, Trivandrum campus - also designed by Hafeez - a run for its money!


  1. Absolutely stunning...

    Modern and Beautiful thats the word

  2. now this looks gr8..
    something like infosys mysore campus...

  3. True landmark along the Bypass.

    Im so happy that TP has opted for a modern looking building.

  4. Where are the provisions for future mass transit (monorail, metro, etc etc) in this phase or any of the other parts of technopark/technocity? Mass Transit connectivity to TP/TC should be a priority for the city by now. With 50,000 professionals coming to Technopark (or is that only after Phase IV--if there is one), plus another 150,000 in Technocity (yes, I know it will be self contained, but many trips between there and the 'old' city will still need to be done on a somewhat relative basis), getting these people from home to work is crucial to making Trivandrum a truly top-tier business destination.

  5. Jason, you are absolutely right that there will be a pressing need for a high-capacity transportation corridor connecting Technocity and Technopark Phases I - III with the rest of the city.

    Technocity being Phase IV of Technopark, the 4 phases of Technopark together will account for some 200,000 IT professionals by 2016.

    And despite the fact that Technocity is envisaged as an integrated satellite city, it will only accomodate only about 20% of its workforce, the rest will need to commute daily.

    Right now, the capacity expansion in transport will be through the 4/6-laning of the NH-47. That should be able to handle traffic till about 2012.

    After that, there is a study underway for a BRTS network under JNNURM and WB-funded Transport Project, as well as MRTS solutions like monorail.

    Ultimately, with a commuter crowd in excess of 100,000 by 2016 or so, MRTS may have to be introduced.

    I am working on a post on the same. Stay tuned and please let me have your thoughts on the same at the earliest. Many thanks!

  6. wowww.... thats seems to pretty huge project. Its good to see tvm going in such a big way to b a future IT Hub...

  7. if this project happen very soon trivandrum will became on of the top IT HUB of india.

  8. Hi ajay
    hats off! this blog is great!!can u provide an update with some latest pics about the new tvm airport

  9. Ajay

    Kudos to u for keeping us updated about the latest developements. I wonder what happened to people who shed tears for kerala. They are not to be seen on this blog because this blog proves that we are moving in the right direction and this one includes only facts and not imaginative stories.

    Great work mate..U rock

  10. Raj, they have already started building it....guess that's as good an answer as any?


Thanks for your comment, I will take a look at it and put it up at the earliest.