Friday, November 21, 2008

Nulltarif Rocks Trivandrum

Germany's top band, Nulltarif, played a gig yesterday at Nishagandhi and they were awesome. Great stage, lights and sound setup and a rocking crowd, who braved a rainy evening to come out and embrace German rock, all that made for an electrifying combination.

The first major Western rock band to perform in Kerala, Nulltarif's Asia tour is in connection with the opening of Goethe Zentrum, Trivandrum - Germany's cultural mission in the city which now joins the ranks of those from France, Russia and Japan. Trivandrum's cosmopolitan culture is truely going international!

An amazing crowd and a brilliant performance by the young, energetic rock band. In their words, "Trivandrum Rocks!!"

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  1. trivandrum has a hot and happening rock crowd starved of rock shows..
    Just go to the shows of any local band and you will know what am talking about. And we have some really good local bands too..
    But, they dont get highlighted in the mainstream as rock and heavy metal music is still considered as outcasts by the majority of people..
    shows like this can do some good in that respect..

    Trivandrum indeeed rocks!!
    sad that I was not there on this occassion


Thanks for your comment, I will take a look at it and put it up at the earliest.