Friday, November 21, 2008

Govt. proposes PPP model for the deep-water shipyard at Poovar

The Kerala Government has decided to proceed with the proposed deepwater ship repair and construction facility at Poovar on a Public Private Partnership model. Ports Minister M. Vijayakumar announced that GoK is already scouting for prospective partners to develop the massive facility for which over 1000 acres of land have already been identified.

Since Poovar is located just 12 nautical miles from the Gulf-Malacca shipping route, the shipyard could easily tap the maintenance work of thousands of ships which pass along the route that accounts for almost one-third of traffic in the world.

Poovar has more than 13 m of depth near the coast which allows large ships like super tankers and container ships to call at the facility. The proximity of the upcoming container hub and deepwater port at Vizhinjam will allow the import of the thousands of tons of materials which will be needed for building and repairing ships.

India's abundant human resources will be another advantage as are the presence of a wide variety of engineering industries, especially in South India.

The PPP model has worked well for Vizhinjam and it will surely help Poovar develop into a world-class marine engineering hub.

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