Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A New Beginning for Trivandrum - TRIBIZ.In

Today's the first day of Onam, so let me start off by wishing all of you a Very Happy and Prosperous Onam!

I am deeply thankful to all of you for following my blog through its ride through the development of Trivandrum city. Today, we are starting an initiative to promote our beautiful capital city and its development, which is many ways is a continuation of the work done through this website.

The Trivandrum Development Front (TDF), a voluntary body of young professionals, has been working behind the scenes for several years in promoting developmental projects in and around Trivandrum. While changing things overnight may be a pipe-dream, TDF is striving to engage with a variety of key stakeholders such as the Government and its agencies, other NGOs, industry associations and the public to support developmental projects. TDF has led and supported public campaigns and discussions, conducted market and feasibility studies and other related work for a variety of projects including the Vizhinjam port, Technopark & Technocity, JNNURM, city transport projects and so on.

Although TDF has been active for over five years, it is now embarking on a vigorous drive to increase awareness among the general public and key stakeholders about developmental issues. The key focus of this drive will be the launch of TDF’s own website and newsletter. By creating a mass interface, TDF plans to increase its influence on shaping public opinion to encourage policy makers to focus on the growth of the Trivandrum Capital Region.

The TDF website "TRIBIZ.In" will be up from 11 AM today at

The TDF newsletter will be available on the website. We will shortly start a
discussion forum where we can discuss and debate on Trivandrum, its life, culture and development.

I request all of you to visit the site and review both it and the newsletter and let us know, through the feedback form, how you feel about them. And to keep visiting the site regularly and subscribe to the newsletter so that you are always updated about key developmental issues and can extend a helping hand whenever possible. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Hi Ajay..
    I am not sure whether it is a far fetched idea..but I find that we woefully lack a proper scale map of the start of with it would be great that we had a city map without details on the roads..proably in future an interactive map too..I guess it would be the first of a kind for any city in India..because currently I dont think any city has an extensive map..the map would be a really useful link at the tribiz considering that we are expecting an influx of people into the city in coming years..


Thanks for your comment, I will take a look at it and put it up at the earliest.