Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Vizhinjam gets Security Clearance

Kerala's biggest infrastructure project, the Rs 8000 Crore Vizhinjam Deep-sea Container Transshipment Terminal, has been accorded clearance by the Defense Ministry. The letter of clearance was sent by Defense Minister Mr. A.K. Antony, to the State Government today. The Defense Ministry has also requested that GoK agree with the developer to allow Indian Navy warships to dock at any time in the port.

This is a sign of the growing strategic naval importance of Trivandrum due to the proximity of one of the world's energy lifelines (the Persian Gulf - Malacca shipping channel) and the increasing Chinese presence in the Indian Ocean area. I would not be surprised if the expansion of the Coast Guard base at Vizhinjam is accompanied by a permanent naval presence as well as the deployment of maritime patrol aircraft at Trivandrum International Airport.

Vizhinjam has received Foreign Ministry clearance as well.

More on this soon, in the meantime do take some time off to go through this excellent website on the Vizhinjam project and the dedicated thread on Skyscrapercity.com

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  1. Good news!

    Ajay has the project received the green signal from the Environmental Ministry? That will be another important hurdle to cross before we rejoice fully.

    Lets hope the concrete is poured before the end of the tenure of this Govt. If the Congress comes to power next time then it will strengthen the arms of the people who are trying to scuttle the project.


Thanks for your comment, I will take a look at it and put it up at the earliest.