Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Render Unto the Government.....

A few months ago, some of you mentioned that my ideas - at least the sane ones - needed to be aired to the right people. Else they would remain mere ideas, at best a source of brief entertainment. That, of course, is not the whole idea behind this blog. In which case I would have tried to emulate the successful course laid down by my bosom buddy, BVN. Taking the idea behind this blog - to evolve and popularise ideas for urban development - to the next level, I have been engaged in getting some of the possibilities that we have discussed to the authorities.

In association with a bunch of maverick, far-sighted young professionals called the Trivandrum Development Front, I have started interacting with some of the people who make decisions which affect our daily lives within the center of power in Kerala - the Secretariat. One recent submission was a proposal to develop a monorail network in Trivandrum. The Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project has already initiated a study for an Integrated Urban Transport Project in Trivandrum. Our plan is to ensure that monorail technology, possibly the best option for Trivandrum, is included in the study.

The presentation that we submitted to the Chief Minister and Minister for Local Self Government is available here. It has been received pretty positively by the authorities, who to their credit, have called us for discussions with their consultants soon. I am hoping that those will be productive sessions where the aspirations of the citizen can be combined with the wisdom of the expert.

The engagement with the Government is an ongoing process and we are talking with the authorities about a portfolio of projects including the ITIR, JNNURM and Vizhinjam. Once the TDF website is up in a few days' time, more updates will be readily available. Stay tuned, folks. Hope to hear your views on the proposal soon, thanks in advance!


  1. WOW! man, Ajay this is what I call dedication. Cant wait to see the TDF website...

    If only some of the youth around us had shown some sense in utilizing the power of the web...Sadly some of them use this form of communication for utterly useless purposes.

    The idea that 'ideas spark changes' seem to bypass their brains forever.

    We are here to support you fully on this initiative. :)

  2. Thats really a great move Ajay..

    Hopefully everything will come true soon...

  3. wonderful...great effort..sincerely hope to see some development in this front.

  4. Hats off Ajay.. hats off to your commitment and dedication..

    I have seen and read many 'suggestions', 'proposals' and 'ideas'.. Glad to know that in your case atleast, it is moving beyond just being posts on this blog..

    Ajay, have you thought of using visual/print media for taking your ideas to a larger section of the people and in the process getting to know their suggestions/criticisms? It would be good to remember that for a project to become successful in Kerala, you need to sell it to all concerned people (Vizhijnam is be a good example) But please do take it to the people who can actually act on it - the political class and associated bureaucracy. All the best, Ajay.

  5. Good thinking and efforts in the right direction.
    Now when Kerala and it's cities are all in fact growing skyhigh!
    Pity the infrastructure still does not keep up with the pace of this growth and one hardly has to go far to see this to; in the rly stations, bus stands, public conveniences, the roads, parks & sports facilities.
    Hope your initiative is appreciated by our planners and powers to be


Thanks for your comment, I will take a look at it and put it up at the earliest.