Sunday, May 04, 2008

Technocity SPV formed

After nearly two years of waiting, things are beginning to really move on Kerala's biggest IT project - Technocity. This integrated development, in the Northern suburbs of Trivandrum is probably Kerala's only chance of breaking into the IT Major League in the foreseeable future.

The SPV set up by the Government of Kerala for developing the mammoth Technocity project - Kerala State Information Technology Infrastructure Ltd (KSITIL) - has come into existance. Its website is here.

Technocity has been given pride of place on the KSITIL's project map and if you scroll down diligently on this page, you will find details of the project.

The Government seems to have learned its lesson on plunging head-first into uncertain projects. After having burned its fingers on "Smart" City - where the developers are still busy short-listing masterplanners a year after the project was supposed to take off - the Government is going through the Global Bid route to select capable developers who will really create a world-class technopolis rather than just wax eloquent over it for ages and ages. Good choice!

Let's keep our fingers crossed till the bid process - due to start this month - is completed. Stay tuned!

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