Friday, February 22, 2008

Action more than words.....

I got a lot of feedback and suggestion on the Aakulam post from many of you, thanks a lot! Some of you had suggested that I send the gist of article to the concerned authorities and see if something will be done about it. Although I am quite skeptical about it, I will be doing so - I am still mulling over how exactly it is to be accomplished. One idea is to approach some of my friends in the media and see if it can be published as an article, which may awaken the powers-that-be. Another is to submit in memorandum form to the authorities. In the coming days, I will try all avenues in the hope that atleast one will click.

I have received lots of feedback on many of the posts here. Most of it has been very positive and encouraging, in that it is great to see people taking an interest in the development of their city, a topic often classified in importance below the result of the latest cricket match and the price hike of petrol/milk. Some of it has been from readers who feel I am slamming some other city and who are drawn into sparring over that. But even such criticism is welcome since it reminds me to stick to firm facts, due to which the same indignant gentlemen often end at the sagging end of the debate.

A lot of you have advised me to stop scratching around in Blogspace and get some of the content here into the wider media so that more of us may read and understand, and atleast a few of us may take suitable action. After all, the media seems to the most powerful force prompting political action (or action of any sort) in Kerala, right next to Politburo and Soniaji.

The idea will be to get some of the articles into print, hopefully as a column of sorts, if not, as individual articles. I will be talking to a few of my media contacts and seeing how things can be worked out. Of course, I will be keeping all of you posted on the progress of that. Once again, thanks for your support and keep your comments and encouragement coming! Cheers!

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