Saturday, December 01, 2007


Nikunjam Builders has just announced the towering 36-floor iPark near Technopark. This giant will be one of the tallest buildings in South India. And it stands tall among the ranks of high-rises in Kerala.

The area north of Kazhakkoottam is all set to become a high-rise zone as buildings of 100 m or more height are possible here according to the height restrictions due to the Airport. Technocity, which is even further away, is likely to see a plethora of high-rises, including possibly a signature tower of at least 50 floors.


  1. MY OPINION!!!hey don't you know that a 100 floored Kochi Tower has been planned in Kochi!!Then how come this building in Tvm will be tallest dear!!?Also many flats and also one from Mather is coming up in Kochi with 36 floors!!Anyway it is tallest in Tvm!!Hey the buildings in Tvm can't be compared with any buildings of Kerala as there are many and many to ponder!!

  2. 100, now that would be quite something! A day dream, at best, and lunacy, at worst!

    Firstly, no permit has been issued for the building and then of course, what would one do with a 100 floor building in a Tier-II city when even Mumbai is yet to get a 100 floor skyscraper?

    Nikunjam's project is the highest building to get a permit in Kerala. Till now it was the 32 floor Mir project in Cochin. Without a permit, all plans are worth nought. Anyone can claim to have 30, 40 or 100 floor projects, but they are nothing unless they have the permit to build. Else they remain pure paper projects.

    Of course, considering that Cochin has a very dubious record of paper projects like Sky City, Fashion City and what not, we shouldn't be surprised that you have chosen to name yet another pipe-dream of that same nature in your post.

    I hope you come closer to reality next time you have a point to make. May good sense prevail upon you! Cheers!

  3. Go to this site and read abot the project!It is of course a prposed project!And you know if there is a city in Kerala which can withstand development it is Kochi and so sad to hear that you don't know about Kochi! It is sure that sky city and fashion city were failure but Metro rail is coming man and you people from TVM have to gaze at it re!!!I will reply you later!!and don't say that metro won't come!!Where is tvm and where is kochi and come to kochi you can see development!!Bye!!

  4. Lol, pity that the only support you could come up with is a blog, which is forced to use the Dubai skyline to represent the so-called "Smart" City for lack of anything better.

    It is natural to climb onto the "Metro" Rail bandwagon when all else fails. In case you failed to notice, rail-based MRTS is meant for Metropolitan cities, and not for Tier-II cities like Cochin. Dr. Sreedharan himself has gone on record time and again with the assertion that a population of atleast 4 million is required to make an MRTS feasible. Cochin's population is no more than 1.4 million even taking into account the outlying towns like Aluva. The numbers are pretty clear, which is perhaps why the Union Ministry of Urban Development has refused to fund any MRTS in Cochin. Cheers!

  5. Mosquitoes and foul smell in kochi is just unbearable . How do you guys manage it . Just wait, Trivandrum will outclass kochi due to vizhinjam factor . So , when vizhinjam is up , cochin port will go out of service ... And for the selfish advocates in the high court, do you know the amount of taxpayers money being spent on government cases due to the disallocation of a high court bench in trivandrum ?

  6. I think u people are dumbs...Kochi is not old Kochi.Waste treatment plant has come. Once vallarpadam comes Kochi will has 2 ports. Old Cochin port and Vallarapadam. Cochin port is not gonna is only ur day dream...

    Kochi is really cosmopolitan with mega malls like lulu and forum to be opened by 2009 end.Oberon mall is going to open this month. gold souk at vytilla. but politicians are hampering development for money. they are negatively utilising Kochi's real estate market to make money.

    I am with TVM for high court bench..already TVM had a bench earlier.It shud be given back..for tht u need not scold Kochi pple..Common man don't mind if there is bench or full bench in tvm...

  7., I just can't resist saying this - "Kochi may not be the old Kochi, but Bilal is still the same old Bilal!" As my friend BVN likes to fondly remember, that's a key dialogue from the amazing movie Big B, shot in Cochin incidentally.

    The reference to the garbage plant probably is a dead giveaway that you are indeed from Cochin, Asha! And no one wants Cochin port to vanish, we just want Vizhinjam to come up as well in the interest of the State and the nation. If CPT vanishes is a function of economics and geography, but it is quite unlikely I would guess. Btw, Vallarpadam is just a new terminal within CPT. Not another port.

    And thanks for the support on the HC Bench. Although the move to reinstate the same in Trivandrum is doing quite well on its own, well-wishers are always welcome.


  8. Kochilites always seem to live in a nutshell . They think that development is coming only to kochi and not elsewhere . As far as shopping malls and 5 star hotels are concerned , big players like dlf , hilton ,raheja , intercontinental , hyatt .. are coming to tvm too with their massive projects . Taj has already launched the biggest business hotel of kerala in tvm recently .

    The real difference between kochi and trivandrum lies in its ports . Cochin port along with vallarpadom (14 feet depth) can accomodate only small container ships while vizhinjam (24 feet) can handle big mother container ships . Vizhinjam does not need constant dredging compared to cochin since it is a natural port and vizhinjam is just 15 km near to international shipping route . So , on a given day ,vizhinjam will handle hundred times more cargo than kochi port and vallarpadom combined . So if kochilites feel that kochi is poised to be the next Chotta mumbai , then the stage is already set for Trivandrum to be the next Shanghai. So my cool advice to all helpless kochilites is to just wait and watch as Trivandrum emerges as the global business epicentre.

  9. I hope u pple are dumbs.hw many manlls are coming in TVM. Already Oberon mall and Gold souk is ready to open.Biggest mall in India has started construction at Edapally jn - Lulu mall with a five star hotel run by Courtyard marriot hotel group!!!!Hey why are u arguing tht Kochi is smaller than TVM. All knows which is largest city. U need to come to Kochi to knw wht it is and its beauty.
    Other 5 malls have started construction like Forum mall.Ok..DLF too..Kochi's beauty will match with the malls..As Kochi is huge and expanding like anything.

    Once Vallarpadam comes, Kochi port will focus more on Marina and Cruise terminal.. Ur comment tht a port is only diff btwn Kochi and T VM is nonsense. Kochi's historic nature is sumthng diff from TVM. Govt ha planned to develop Munamban port near Cherai into international standards. Kochi has most scope of development but only sad fact is tht politicians are playing cruel game.

    Abt 5 star hotel – Kochi has most number of 3, 4 and 5 star hotel in Kerala. Kochi has bigger 5 star hotel than Taj – Vazhutacuad (But Taj Malabar and taj residency are smaller than Taj tvm, but only a small difference).But dear the location of TAJ in Kochi is mind blowing. Does TVm has the scenic beauty of Kochi dears!!!!!!!!

  10. Lol, Asha, you are wrong on so many counts.

    Firstly, the Lulu project is not the biggest mall in India, there are projects like Emaar MGF's Mall of India which are 2 or 3 times bigger. It is not even the biggest in Kerala, Plaza Centers and EWDPL Market City in Trivandrum are bigger.

    The Forum and DLF malls are NOT under construction. Forum was still born due to environmental problems and DLF has not even stirred.

    Munambam port?! Lol, why not Kodungallur too while you are it?

    Oh and talking about the historic nature of the two cities, try and make a visit to Trivandrum and you will be amazed by the history of the city which stretches back over 2000 years. And it is the history of India and not that of European colonists. Palaces, temples, forts and museums, there is an abundance of all of them in Trivandrum.

    The location of Taj Malabar is indeed nice, but nowhere nearly as breathtaking as that of the Leela Kempinski, Kovalam which is just one of the reasons the Leela is ranked as the best hotel in Kerala by the experts. Incidentally, the biggest 5-star hotel in Kerala will be the 350 key Renaissance by Marriott at Aakulam, part of Kerala's largest convention center complex. And yes, the Courtyard is a 4-star business brand of Marriott, not a 5-star.

    I am surprised that a post which talks only of Trivandrum should evoke so many comparisons with Cochin. I guess it betrays the insecurity of many people who are seeing their cherished beliefs demolished by a rapidly changing reality.

    Anyways, thanks for the action and the hits on my site counter!


  11. Kochi supporters seem to have a perception that parameter to measure which city is larger is by the number of malls. This is because we cannot expect any wise judgements from u since u seem to be congenital dumbs. A city is assessed by two parameters like population and area . In both , kochi is down by a fair margin.

    u seem to be losing the battle , thats why u r taking a general parameter like scenery to judge two cities . It feels like u consider garbage deposits lying in heaps in kochi's open roads, mosquitoes , foul smell and damped wet lands to be a significant part of great scenery of kochi .

    Only a good port has the capability to turnaround the prospects of a city . A port will attract trade , so it sets more
    business , so more money inflow. Also attracts huge foreign investments . As far as vizhinjam is concerned , it has the
    potential to become the largest and busiest transhipment hubs in the world(reasons mentioned in former post) and transform trivandrum to a level to which kochi can only dream of.

    Kochi people seem to be getting nervous , upset , jealous and
    cracked by hearing all these developments in trivandrum. Thats why they are bothering to post their comments in favour of
    kochi in a blog which is solely for the development of a great and royal city like trivandrum. No one wants to compare our trivandrum to a meagre city like kochi . We have no interest in it. It is also pretty useless to argue with them since they keep on repeating the same points (like Hotel A coming , mall B shortly opens in kochi etc .The truth is that these are all coming to tvm too. May be not from the same but from different/big mnc developers . )

    If the history of trivandrum is to be mentioned , it cannot be done in a hour or two bcoz it is endless. But would clearly
    like to mention one important point that Trivandrum is the city of Anantha/Lord MahaVishnu and has His blessings. So dont mess with the Lord ,dear.

  12. First of all let me inform you that we have no interest for your highly biased blog towards TVM. But my responses into your blog are due to the fact that you have ill feeling towards Kochi. It forces me to comment.

    Vizhinjam is indeed a good project, but it in no way is going to affect Kochi. Because Kochi and Vizhinjam will get there own share. Look Vizhinjam is in Kerala and not in China. Ok. So it will face all the natural difficulties that a port has to face in India. Hence wisely I have compared Kochi earlier to another Indian City Mumbai. Ok dear. You will come to know it when time passes. Kochi port has its own reputation and is well known world wide. Kochi has rich culture of spice trade and other trades. Now Vallarpadam ICTT will add glitz to the Kochi port site along with the mega LNG terminal which is also one of the dream projects.

    Mattancherry has lost its majestic importance once Kochi port came into prominence. Traders from all over the Princely state of Cochin and Malabar and Travancore state used to line across Mattancherry for trade. It’s all history.

    Your aggravation towards Kochi is clear when you said that Kochi is full of smell etc. It shows that you are not ready to accept the facts and look what is happening in Kochi. Here there is Brahmapuram Waste Treatment plant – which boasts of being largest in South India. But it is sad to say that people from other districts really feel today also that people from TVM have bad behavioral pattern and that Trivandrumites are proud in their nature, hence hate those people. Dear try to change that attitude first. Waste problem and mosquito probs are old stories….

    Also your dream of TVM becoming the next metro and first from Kerala. Buddy too bad. Kochi is today regarded as the only metro area in Kerala. Let me confine again that TVM is not largest city in Kerala. According to latest stats by Govt.of India there are 20 cities with population of more than One million. Kochi is the only city in that. According to Kerala government papers the city of Kochi is today only from Vytilla to Palarivattom. Hence, TVM is largest city. Any one who visited both cities can come to conclusion which is largest city in Kerala, that too very comfortably. Ernakulam and Cochin (Old Kochi including FortKochi and Mattancherry) together form the biggest city complex in the state of Kerala. Vizag, Ahmedabad, Kochi and Goa (Panaji) have been rated as foremost in India by Times of India.

    I saw your teasing comment against Munamban port. You may be unaware that Government has listed Munamban near Cherai to be developed into international standards. Chellanam fishing harbour work is on progress. The panchayat has already started widening the State highway, which connects Arthunkal and Thoppumpady.

    And dear Kochi is not meagre..It shows your irrelevance and shows that you are dumbooo!!!Yes TVM ill get mals etc etc but now if u want to see and enjoy it is Kochi..Oberon mall already inaugurated..OK!!! Please send me at least one national daily article where it says Kochi is smaller than Trivandrum or TVM is or will be more developed than Kochi.

    It is your jealous nature to say so. Let me repeat TVM and Kochi has and will get its own share.OK and by no means Kochi is smaller than TVM.

    Manav Thadani, managing director, HVS Hospitality Services, presented his views on the burgeoning Indian hospitality market at the Hotel Investment Conference - South Asia (HICSA) in 2007. The top eight emerging markets in South Asia, according to the ratings in sequence are Lahore, Islamabad, Ahmedabad, Pune, Vizag, Cochin, Chandigarh, and Bhubaneswar and Mysore getting the same points.

    Knight Frank (India) has showcased a list of cities that are likely to witness gigantic success in their economic and real estate scenario. The orders of cities are Chandigarh, Nagpur, Goa, Kochi, Vizag, Ahmedabad etc.

    Of the 640 large or medium industries in the State, nearly 510 are located at Kochi. One more parameter to show that Kochi is indeed biggest city is that vehicle registration TVM has reached at only KL-01 AT as of now. But in Kochi it is KL-07 BJ already. I remember that I bought vehicle in 2005 November with registration as KL-07 AU. So think man, even in Oct 2008, TVM has reached KL 01 AT… According to the official figures, there are 4,46,959 vehicles in Kochi followed by 3,50,455 in Thiruvananthapuram and 2,07,117 in Kozhikode. Wayanad had the least number of vehicles-33,550. So think dears!!!

    You are saying as if there are no temples in Kochi!!Don't forget..The temple associated with history of Onam is in Kochi at Thrikkakkara - RAJADHANI OF MAHABALI.Ok.I don't want a discretion made between cities on basis of holy temples. Please do not comment on that.

    I am sure you will reply with same cracky response about X mall will come from XYZ MNC which is biggest in the whole world etc etc...waiting for it..

    Come to Kochi during Dec 03 to 13 for the Mega event VOLVO OCEAN RACE. A race village with international standards is getting ready at the ever beautiful Wellington Island (in your language it is not in city hahaha).

  13. Lol, Asha, insecurity shows up quite plainly when there is an unsolicited response. Why else would so many of you be so peeved about a simple post about a new building in Trivandrum? This is reaching hilarious proportions now!

    Eventhough I have repeated that I have no interest in a nit-picking debate, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, the same tired old arguments keep coming again and again.

    I think there is no sense in wasting time in spinning the same old wheel once again but let me offer you a few factual corrections.

    Firstly, the Urban Agglomeration for Trivandrum has not been properly defined yet. The LSG department is in the process of doing so and this will be ready in time for the 2011 Census. By then, the Trivandrum Capital Region will also be most probably notified. Once that is done, we can have an apple-to-apple comparison. Till then, Trivandrum continues to be the biggest city, by far, in Kerala as defined by the core urban area and population.

    Vizhinjam and Vallarpadam can co-exist, I am glad you understood that wee point. In the longer term, Vizhinjam will be a far more important port because of its natural advantages. As for the prominence of Cochin Port, you should not that it was the only major port in India to show a DROP in cargo volume at a time when ports across the country are experiencing massive growth.

    I also fail to understand why so many tall claims are found in between Aroor and Edapally. Asha, the municipal facilities of Tier I cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad dwarf those found in Cochin or any other part of Kerala, so let's not loosely throw "biggest in S. India" around, shall we?

    I guess you seem to forget that Cochin is a tier II city of less than 1.5 million people. Please do keep that in mind before making idle comparisons to the likes of Bangalore, or, lol, Mumbai. The differences are so big that the comparison simply loses any significance.

    As for the oft-quoted gap in vehicle numbers, do check out the distribution of vehicles - 2 wheelers, 4 wheelers etc. Typically, cities with poor public transport tend to have lots of 2 wheelers. QED?

    And finally, when someone starts using terms like "the Rajdhani of Mahabali", it is evident that the discussion is headed southwards. So unless there is anything significant to discuss, let's not waste everyone's time.

    Thanks and cheers!

  14. Read it - - 37k

    look at it...

    ok..The mall in Kochi indeed is biggest of all proposed in India along with Emaar gulf's mall in Gurgaon..ok..LULU is indeed biggest project in it will surely be biggest in Kerala..Have common sense Ajay...Marriot hotel is Five star..Read it..I think u r really crack..u knw only to oppose wht Kochiite say..shows ur dirty nature..

    Look at the words of Mr.Ali - Our plan is not to build just a shopping mall but a landmark destination for residents and tourists alike,”

    also read my previous post on Biggest city in Kerala

  15. Asha...I admire your perseverance, lol!

    The Emaar MGF mall in Gurgaon will be over 5 million sq.ft while DLF's Mall of India which is already under construction is over 3.6 million sq.ft., so there is not even a chance of competition between projects like this and that of Lulu.

    Btw, the 2 million sq.ft. claim of Lulu is the total area of the entire development, not just that of the mall component.

    The Treasure Market City complex being developed by EWDPL in Trivandrum is 2.9 million sq.ft. and it becomes the biggest such mixed-use project in Kerala.

    The five-star offerings of the Marriott group are the Ritz-Carlton, the J.W. Marriott or the Renaissance. The Courtyard is a four-star business offering. I work with one of the world's leading developers and brands like the Marriott are our partners, so trust me, I know the details.

    Asha, I didn't start this debate here, nor do I want to continue one to clutter up the post. But if I get such sordid falsehoods thrown at me, I can't resist setting the facts right!


  16. Hi It is pity on u to say that less developed cities have more vehicle when I gave clear proof that Kochi have far more vehicles than TVM....If we go by ur way Mumbai is least developed city in India..I dn't want u to post this comment as it may clutter the posts...and abt Kochi port- u said Kochi is only port which saw decline..Dear it is not due to the ineffeiceincy of port facilities..It is due to the port union probs etc by which ships are forced to go to other ports..ok..understand the issue...Same happened to Vizhinjam on 16th when minor ships from Mali was forced to go to Tuticorin when there was dispute among port it is inevitable..we are in Kerala..thats why..I hope u will agree with me 100%..Bye.CIAO..

  17. Misguided as your enthusiasm is, we all admire the fact that you keep coming back for more!

    It is not the number of vehicles but the % of 2-wheelers which is an indication of the lack of public transport. Check your figures on that count. Cochin only has a haphazard system of private buses and completely unmetered autorickshaws to pass for transport. Till date, there is not even a single call-taxi service in the city.

    And these repeated comparisons with the likes of Mumbai or Delhi are admirable as attempts for self-assurance but totally inept in terms of comparability. Mumbai has more vehicles than the whole of Kerala and has an excellent public transport system as well.

    As for the Cochin Port, the blame for the drop in traffic lies not with the trade unions but due to the fact that Kochi Refineries switched the bulk of its crude oil import to its SPM. Since Crude accounted for a lion's share of CPT's cargo and other categories, like containers, have not shown any major growth, the overall traffic has dipped sharply when every other port is overloaded.

    Interestingly, the SPM was built because Cochin Port was too shallow to accomodate supertankers. Even after the costly Rs 544 Cr. dredging exercise that is being planned this year, the draught will be just 14.5 m whereas Vizhinjam already has 18 m without any dredging and can be easily taken to 24 m with minimal work.

    Need I say more on that count? QED!

  18. Cochin is indeed the biggest city
    in Kerala . Can any body else claim so? Then tell me how many large scale industries are have in
    Trivandrum .Tell me where the first SEZ for exports started in Kerala.Where is the LNG terminal coming up? Which place contributes the most to the state exchequer by means of revenues? Which place has
    the most no of automotive dealerships? especially for luxury segments!!!! Do any place other than Cochin has projects from national level players like DLF/Parsvanath/Shoba/.Not to mention the state level players(Take an account of the projects launched by Skyline Builders last years..It dwarfs other cities by miles).Which city had the highest no. of SEZ applications from private companies unlike other places where there are only government sponsored projects and the matter of lower growth in cargo traffic is not because of the fact that the port is in Cochin....who know's it
    wont happen to vizhinjam......Hope
    Vizhinjam is located in Kerala where labour issues do persist.Even
    the mega land acquisition got cancelled because of public protest whereas Cochin Port Trust has vast tracts of land for future
    expansion.Except Parthas as of now
    how many shopping centres are worth mentioning when it comes to the matter of shopping @ TVM....
    Cochin is also the financial nerve centre of Kerala with most of the public & private banks (both home grown and national level)located in Cochin.Most of the private companies have their local head offices in cochin .Not to mention the projimity of cochin to the wealthy districts of Thrissur....
    jewellery and chit funds hub ....
    Kottayam ......idukki .....for plantations and allepy national
    if any body dare to refute these point by point then come on

  19. Lol....this is getting kind of plaintive, dragging on with the same tired arguments for over a year now. The depth of insecurity it exposes is staggering. My sympathies are with you. lol!!

  20. I am sorry Ajay, had to do it. i just went through the comments and i almost fell off my chair laughing.... but just my observation of the comments. This is what i wrote on my blog..( a cheap way to get some readership for my blog also)

    great work by you appreciate it.

  21. Phoenix partner firm lines up Rs 450-cr spend .

    See link :

    Phoenix Mills holds 40 per cent stake in Indore-based EWDPL. According to the investment plan, EWDPL will spend nearly $85 million in six cities. Remaining $20 million will be used in EWDPL's proposed projects in Thiruvananthapuram and Nagpur, said Manish Kalani, managing director of EWDPL India.

    I dont understand how this guys gonna make such a massive project
    ---Treasure Market City complex being developed by EWDPL in Trivandrum is 2.9 million sq.ft.--
    with an out lay of just $20 million = Indian Rupees 100 crore (if forex rate $1=INR 50), That too for two projects - TVM & Nagpur

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Lol, I am surprised that there are still a few nuts posting weird comments here so long after the actual post was made. And most of the comments are about things which have no relation to my blog post. It causes a nuisance to other readers, not to me coz' all I need to do is to pop one button to get rid of the trash!

    Gentlemen, if you are frustrated about something, keep it to yourself. Please comment if you have something relevant to this or other posts. Thanks very much in advance.

  24. guys..relax...its really pathetic tht u people r fighting over kochi n tvm,,both cities r n kerala only n i think u guys should b proud f d way both cities even kerala s growing.....dis fight s lik b/w north indians n south indians...cant really blame them,if d people inside dis state itself s fighting against,,grow up nw...

  25. guys..relax...its really pathetic tht u people r fighting over kochi n tvm,,both cities r n kerala only n i think u guys should b proud f d way both cities even kerala s growing.....dis fight s lik b/w north indians n south indians...cant really blame them,if d people inside dis state itself s fighting against,,grow up nw...

  26. Hey guys, those who are fighting for Trivandrum & Cochin, please understand that these cities are nowhere near to the other known smaller cities in India like Surat,Indore or Pimpri(near to Pune). Area wise they may be small, but if you see the overall development they are much much bigger. Don't fight for 100 floored building in Cochin or a mall in Trivandrum. The need of the hour is to have an overall development of Kerala. We need Vizhinjam, we need Vallarpadam, we need our national waterway operational. The existence of Vizhinjam will not reduce the importance of Vallarpadam or Cochin rather it will have added importance.

    What are we going to achieve just by building up Trivandrum or Cochin and fighting each other. Beware of the elements who are trying to sabotage our growth, who are triggering regional fight between us. Learn from Tamilnadu and see how united they are when it comes to development and how enthusiastic they are in bringing new projects to the State. Just remember we are not two countries. Travancore and Cochin, that is past. Our fight resembles the fight of two pygmies competing each other for their height.

    Why can't we think about building up two or three big cities in Kerala rather than fighting for small cities like trivandrum,cochin or calicut by combining all these or what about a big city 'KERALA'

  27. hello iam from calicut ,the largest building is two 40 towered building and one 32 towered and one 10 towered and also there is a 70 floor consruction and a 108 floored construction proposed in calicut.also calicut has 18 malls cochin has 1 and trivandrum has no malls .the largest mall in calicut is satra galleria with 24 foors please come to calicut to see all these malls ,all these malls is huge and all have elevators and also a more than one million mall is building at calicut we have 30 more buildings which are 20+floored .so you want the name sof the malls in calicut(focus mall,space mall,meezan mega mall,blue diamond mall,leader mall,tc1 mall, calicut mall,satra dreams the mall,hi lite mega mall,grand hi street mall,orbit mall ,gold souk mall,hilton mall).and other malls like coupon ,megamart are also there .theese malls are huge not like the poor mall like bay pride in kochi hahahah.

  28. ^^ heheheheeeee Ajay, some people think we all are absolute dodos here...look, a 70 floor and 108 floor building is planned in Kerala!! I think what you usually say can be aptly said here---> LOL!!! (I'm sure you thoroughly enjoyed the science fiction in the post)

    Well, I heard that a Rocket Launching Station and base is also built somewhere near help those Discoveries and co to land back safely... :))))

  29. Lol.....well, everybody likes to let their imagination run wild once in a while. Considering the amount of seriousness some people pay to similar proposals elsewhere, I thought it would be fair to let Achal have his say as well! ;-)

    More the merrier! At this rate, we will overtake Manhattan, Dubai and Shanghai combined!

  30. @Achal

    Calicut is in Kerala..ah..?

    I didnt know...

    thanks 4 d information...LOl...


  31. Hello everybody..
    we can compare Kochi,Calicut and Trivandrum ..
    U just watch "Google earth"
    ..and see these three cities.
    Kochi spread over to Ahkamali,Aluva,Kizhakkambalam,Chottanikkara,Aroor,Paravoor,Cherai..After few years Kochi become 800 square km.
    Aroor-Ankamali volvo bus running one side as 47Kms and fortcochi-airport 45kms.
    Around trivandrum and calicut the city have near to 100 square kms only.
    Trivandrum is only a capital city..not a commercial city..any other metro city in India may be capital of a state..but Kochi is not a capital of state.
    If Kochi the capital of Kerala,become south India biggest city.

  32. Lol, comments coming in 30 months after the post is impressive. I wonder which "international business" you are referring to, Alwin? DP World is the only one that comes to mind. How about the MNC IT/ITES firms opening up shop in Trivandrum? And as for the "building giants", it seems most of the few who did invest in Kochi seem to be regretting it, as evidenced by folks like Parsavnath, Unitech, Nitesh, Prestige and others either scrapping their projects or putting them on ice. People do make mistakes, you know.

    Alvin, Trivandrum and Kochi are Tier II cities, so one must have realistic expectations of them. Kochi, for example, accounts for only 0.2% of the India IT market and only 20% of the tech sector in Kerala. Once one accepts the facts, I would say both cities are doing quite well.


  33. I don't get it...What is there in this post that attracts so many commentors? This is just an announcement of a tall apartment project.

    I would have expected people to say their opinion on the dozens of other notable posts here Ajay, but I'm being proved wrong time and again. The comments section is already 10 times lengthier than the post, lol :) What a paradox!!!

  34. Neither do I, Anish. I guess it must have pricked some mislead egos. There is no other explanation for there being some many comments here, especially of the anonymous variety, when topics like urban planning and the IT infra strategy of Kerala find no takers. Lol!

  35. The guy called Shenoy seems to be obsessed with Trivandrum. Any site that has an article about Trivandrum, this person is seen starting up a fight.

  36. hurrah.....Shoppers Stop is commimig to TVM....They will start operating in current year..Their shop is on MG road....

  37. I hate to say this ..But unless vizhinjam port happens fast ..Trivandrum cannot rise to a big city ..I just don't get it ..Planning and development is going through snail's pace in trivandrum .Why is it taking so long for vizhinjam port to happen .


  39. OMG!! Achal do you live in Calicut? i am from calicut and i have never heard of the projects you talk about? are u nuts? Guys ignore this guy, he is out of Kuthiravattom for vacations,let him enjoy.

  40. Kochi 800 sq km ,This is the joke of the century while government statistics shows it as 132 sq km adding all the muncipalities (Kochi city alone is only 94 sq km in wiki).Please dont put foolish comments .

  41. There is no project as 100 floors in Kochi.That is not even a proposed project.No builders claim that .This is the joke of the millenium.Kochi people must have put a link to the builders website or environment clearence site before saying this type of rubbish.


  43. The ship weighing system in vizhinjam is going to b inaugrated is the most capable ship weighing system in the world........even dubai's importance is gonna go wen vizhinjam comes up........

  44. Dear Friendz, Trivandrum is 'Evergreen city of India'... You can't see a beautiful and clean city like Trivandrum in India... Also many nice and big projects are coming here... It is being developed well now...

    New Central bus station is being built with a tallest shopping complex... IT park is amazeful... City grows quickly....

  45. hai guys.kochi is developing....
    with huge number gundaas, msq'tos,bad smell ad heavy traffic.
    my dr frndz in kochi,u spoil ur half of life in traffic.
    if u waaan a carm ,peacefull ,happylife cm 2 tvm....

  46. ya i do feel that Eranakulam and now has the highest crime gonda incidents .If you take the famous crime against women cases in kerala Eranakulam takes the top slot .The latest is the crime against the women in train in the eranakulam kottayam sector.Because of this nature I feel that High court is set up there so that criminal people can access it easy.:-)

    But i dont understand now a huge amount of kerala tax payers money also be invested on white elephant projets like
    vallapadam(4000 crore now in huge loss),So called Eranakulam metro (4000 crore,the Ac low floor buses are not much running breakeven ) and high speed train(120000 crores).They are not focusing or investing on feasible projects like vizhinjam

    But the national newspaper in that region nonorama will not highlight the criminal nature news and gives an outlook that Eranakulam is the best place to live and 100 floor bulding is comming etc etc.That is why here lot of people from Eranakulam side writing false informations in these type of blogs.Any way for them I have only one comment for them.Read at least 4-5 newspapers.A link also i attached

  47. thiruvananthapuram is selected as the best city in kerala by times of india survey.

    kochi is full traffic block, waste, mosquitoes... not good to live...

    trivandrum is the real metro of kerala..

    morover, the Capital of Kerala !!

  48. i live in kochi.
    yet, i dont like kochi because it is the worst place to live.

    i prefer living in trivandrum ...

  49. guys... trivandrum is the biggest city in kerala with a population of more than 10 lakh. kochi has only about 6 lakh and kozhikode has only 3 lakh. a city with more than 10 lakh will be considered as a metro city.. so trivandrum is the only metro of kerala..... kochi seems to be big because of high-rise buildings. the best city to live in kerala is trivandrum by several surveys...trivandrum is the evergreen city....

  50. Guys....Its hilarious people are comparing TVM and COK based on malls. Malls are there is COK because there is no place in that swampy marsh. You will get everything in Trivandrum, that you get in COK with all the malls put together.

    Basic needs for a city is good transportation. COK have a lot a private buses, who thinks they are in for an rally. You have only more accidents . For the airport , you have to travel 30km to another swamp. TVM has the best fleet of KSRTC buses connected to all places in Kerala, Airport is inside the city ( 3 terminals), the best railway station in south India , with 4 satellite stations. Congestion free and beautiful roads. Come and see the inroads at Trivandrum, and see how well they are maintained. See the State highway 1.

    Then comes R&D hub. VSSC,IISER,LPSC,CDAC,Brahmos,Trivandrum Medical college,RCC,Keltron,KINFRA,Toonz.......
    Education hub : Top notch schools and colleges....
    Health care : Top quality health care.The best and fast diagonosis is made in TVM medical college. The best Engineering and Medical brains available in Kerala

    IT : Technopark and Technocity. We don't need camels and Arabs. Accenture,IBM, Microsoft,Capgemini,HCL,Unisys Infosys, TCS,IBS, UST. L&T and Satyam have approached for spaces here. Some tried to lure them to Infopark, but they were not interested. Poor Wipro and CTS. They got stuck :)

    Entertainment : Yes we lack multiplexes. But we have 15 movie screens in the city. This was there when Kochi had 2 or 3 screens. Yes PVR is coming to TVM. We have many open theatres in the city.Does COK have one????

    A zoo, Napier mueseum, sprawling and lush green mueseum campus. Palaces .Does COK have any such infra.
    Beeches.. Shankumugham in the city and the Veli tourist village. Yes COK have to go to Cherai beech, which is the worst I have been to..People come there as if they have not seen water for years.

    After all, I thought, GOK functions out from TVM. But now it seems , it is wrong and decisions are taken from LULU mall.

    Only thing we lacks is a Port and a court. Tharoor is trying to get the bench in TVM. 50% of the cases in Highcourt are Government based. So it makes sense to have the bench in TVM. Central GOV has asked all State capitals to have a bench. So we will get it.

    Recently, the Port Authority chairman said. When Vizhinjam becomes functional, CPT will be only for domestic shipments. Guys, the phase one of Vizhinjam is already on the way.So beware, we are coming :D

    Remember, Father will always be Father. :D

  51. times of India survey says that tvm is India's 15th best city. no other Kerala city in top 50 list except tvm.

  52. times of India survey says that tvm is India's 15th best city. no other Kerala city in top 50 list except tvm.


Thanks for your comment, I will take a look at it and put it up at the earliest.