Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How smart do you need to be?

I recently came across a Blog Readability test on a friend's blog . Despite the fact that he was not too impressed by its result , I thought I should give it a go too.

It was one of those black-box type thingies. As in the kind of black box into which you plonk in a number of mundane looking ingredients and out comes a clone of Pamela it Monica Bellucci (gimme two of those...!). The internal workings of these boxes are mysterious, as mysterious as quantum mechanics (to those of us not endowed with Feynmann-type noggins) or the impossibilities of Indian politics. For all I knew, when I typed in the URL of this blog, the processing could be done in equal probability by an AI algorithm running on a supercomputer or a bored chipmunk hitting a random button in exchange for a nut. But, with the innate pride of all writers, I gave it a spin and it said......

cash advance

Bitter-sweet, ain't it? For all the post-grad studies and time spent in uber elite organisations, all I could churn out was somewhere in between high school and under-graduate levels. Hmmmmpppphhh!

Wait a second, wasn't the idea of the blog to make for easy reading that everyone could understand so that people could appreciate the growth of Trivandrum and the issues surrounding it? So, it is a good thing that the blog got a relatively simple rating. And going further along that line of thought, maybe the blog is actually a bit too complex - if that large portion of the population which has not yet attained the Under-grad level can't make head or tail of it (La cosa maledetta รจ nel Latino)!

So while the editorial board feels a tad belittled, it is back to the writing board to make things a little simpler. On a more serious note, I would appreciate feedback from all of you on whether the content needs to be made any simpler. Many thanks and take care!


  1. Hello Ajay,

    You dont need any laurels|||

    Have always enjoyed your comments and updates,,

    Keep up the good work



Thanks for your comment, I will take a look at it and put it up at the earliest.