Tuesday, November 06, 2007

10,000 and going strong!

We have just hit 10,000 views. Lemme take this opportunity to thank all of you for taking some time off to read my banter. And for the great comments and support that I have received.

The comments on the blog only appear after I read them and get a chance to put in a response, which I feel makes more sense. I try to check up and respond as frequently as possible and regret any delays that have happened.

Writing this blog has truely been a journey of discovery. I have had to research extensively for many of the articles here. While many of the subjects themselves were familiar to me, looking for similar examples elsewhere as well as best practices related to them, has taught me quite a lot. And one tends to think more when writing about an issue than when simply considering it. In fact, we often write about only a small portion of our thoughts while the rest are simply stored away. In this way, writing helps to open many points of view and many approaches, even if only one or two finally make it into written words.

Whereas many of the articles here have been on problems and issues suffered by developmental projects in and around Trivandrum, I have tried to approach them from a constructive point of view. Rather than endless cribbing or finger-pointing, indulged in by many blogs on Kerala, a positive approach will serve some purpose. We can't expect the powers-that-be to read the blog and wise up, but if the blog manages to create awareness and interest about the issues that we all face, I will be a very happy guy. And from your response, I see that there are many people who share similar thoughts and feelings and appreciate updates on what is going on and why. Many of us, even those right in Trivandrum, may not have the time and opportunity to track issues and to learn more about what happens behind the scenes. So, it is important to share information and create awareness, and thus build up pressing public opinion for a development centric policy for Trivandrum and the surrounding areas. That's my $ 0.02.

Once again, thank you all and hope we can keep going for a long while yet. I fervently hope that one day there may be little to worry about in terms of Trivandrum's development and thus only good things to write about, but I fear just as much that the day is far yet.

Wish you all a good day ahead and a Happy Diwali!


  1. Ajay,

    You have a good thing going. Hope the blogosphere becomes an alternate to the traditional media outlets, who have nothing original to say.


  2. Ajay,

    Hats off for the feat of 10k hits to your blog.

    Well, 10 000 here, is just a number...But how could we measure the attitude & passion this blog has instilled in fellow populace like me, who have seldom experienced the authoritative power of words! Your blog speaks a different & unique language- an ocean apart from the mediocre stereotyped press we have around us.

    Keep going mate!
    God bless...


  3. if you want i will install a script that will hit your site every sec ...and we can incr the hit count to millions in few weeks ...whad do you think?

  4. Ajay,

    You are rendering an awesome job with your highly pertinent and timely write ups about Ananthapuri. Really appreciate this commendable effort of yours!

    Meanwhile, I totally concur with what Anish has mentioned.

    Three cheers and hats off!


    -Hari Nair

  5. Thanks for the support, guys! That keeps me going. Hope you will all stick around. Stay tuned for more!

    Sreeram - Lol, thanks for the offer. But we will stick to reality!

  6. Hi Ajay,

    I happened to find your blog recently and find it really useful and informative. We are planning to resettle back in Trivandrum soon and your blog provides me a lot of input to help understand the current environment in Trivandrum and Kerala in general.

    Thank you again and keep blogging

  7. Thanks Ram, hope to see you in Trivandrum soon.

  8. If Trivandrum has to grow to become a major destination in South India,it needs several infrastructural improvements
    1.Making Airport- Kollam Road 6 or 8 lane road.
    2.Construction of a Trivandrum-Thiruneveli-Tuticorin express way.
    3.Ring road from Chirayinkizu to Katakada-Kaimanam (Vizinjam Stretch already exists) ( 4 lane).
    Conversion of Karamana-Peyad/Kattakada road to 6 lane.
    4.More Star hotels
    5.Atleast 2 International Convention Centers.
    6.More MBA schools of National/International Standards.
    7.Packaged tourism (covering Trivandrum,Kollam,Nagercoil,Tirunelveli districts).
    8.Setting up of a professional Urban Development Authority.
    9.Increasing the role of City Corporation from mere rag pickers to development facilitators.and calling it Metro Corporation.
    10.Development of Additional runways/revamping of the old/scrapped runways in international airport with runway extending into the sea.
    11.Setting up of Industrial Parks in other parts of district.
    12.Seeking the help from the engineering colleges(for eg. CET) in and around City for city development.
    13.Improving the mass transport system(City Bus) by forming seperate authority (Like BEST or BMTC) or increasing private participation in the same.
    14.Increasing the number of auto services in and around city,ensuring fair wages.
    15.Development of Kazhakkuttam/Chirayinkeezhu railway station to a major station(with the name Infocity or so(so that people can easily spell and also can serve as a brand name for the place).
    16.Renaming Kochuveli rly Station and Spacecity Rly Station.
    17.Setting up of a space technology and aviation museum ( with the help of Southern Air Command(IAF) and VSSC).
    18.Setting up of an electronic City in the suburb.
    19.Laying floor tiles in all the footpaths near all roads inside the city and near technopark,so that less dust is generated.
    20.Creation of more Parks and Gardens inside the city and in suburbs.
    21.Creation of a Commercial Street(at least 4 km straight Stretch) with full security and skyscapers/building specification away from Statue ( the area infamous for notorious activities and vandalisation,hampering the development of city.)
    22.Creation of more Flyovers, Subways and Double Roads.

    If atleast five things are implemented in a time bound manner,you can see the city growing by its own.

  9. Prasanth & Ajay

    Those 22 necessities for the development of Trivandrum as a global city could just be refubrished slightly. Im suggesting slight additions or changes to Prasanth's ideas, which I think will boost the overall development.
    #1. Converting Bypass and the Kollam- Nagercoil highway into 6 lanes. If you dont wish to see another Hosur Road like nightmare, we must have minimum 8 lanes with dedicated bus lanes and service roads in Tvm-Attingal sector, soon to be a super Techno corridor!
    #2. Tirunelveli Road is a great idea. I dont know the possibilities of a rail-road corridor, but Kazhakkuttam could be developed as a junction for the Trivandrum- Punalur Railway line via Nedumangad and could be connected to Tirunelveli through Shenkottai. Regarding suggestions #15 & #17, It would eventually happen and we could develop another junction @ Nedumangad, with a new line connecting Balaramapuram and to the proposed rail link to Vizhinjam. So this railway would serve as a rail-bypass to Trivandrum Central and satellite stations of Kochuveli & Kazhakkuttam. Interestingly, it would also constitute a circular railway around the city, as in Delhi, from Kazhakkuttam-Nedumangad- Balaramapuram/Neyyatinkara- Vizhinjam. This would turn Kazhakkuttam as a hub for suburban rail and would make it Dadar of Trivandrum.
    #8. Regarding professional Urban Development Authority, we already have a good idea in your blog, don't we Ajay? 'Corporatising the Corporation'..in the November archive.
    #11. Industrial Units...very very crucial! We cant rely only on IT, we need manufacturing/ trade/service industries to mushroom in the suburbs. May be Vizhinjam Terminal can act as a catalyst, but do we have the large chunks of land??
    #13. Mass Transit. Well, BRTS is the best bet, economical and viable but we need dedicated lanes for buses and of course traffic discipline so that private vehicles dont ply on them. Suburban Rail System is on the cards already. Water Transport(Kollam-Kovalam through TS Canal) is an attractive option. Metro Rail, will not be financially succesful as of now, but who knows, may be in 25 yrs time when Trivandrum reaches that level.

    You are right Prasanth, just implement the above 5 ideas, and you will find the remaining 17 of your plans automatically becoming realities.




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