Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Work on in full swing at the New Terminal

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Work's on in full swing at the New International Terminal (Phase I) of the city's airport. The all steel-and-glass structure will be complete in August 2008 and commissioned in October. It will add capacity to handle an extra 1.2 million passengers annually to the already stretched Trivandrum International Airport.

Designed by an international firm, this is what the new terminal block, the most modern design in India till date, will look like on completion.

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It will be equipped with all world-class features including common check-in terminals, in-line X-ray machines, aerobridges, segregated passenger flows, escalators and what not. So, be ready for the future in airport experiences, it is coming to town soon!

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Shot at 2007-08-14


  1. Hi Ajay,
    Hope this link would help you..

  2. Hi Ajay,
    Feeling really nice after reading your blog,Just go through this link.
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  3. Is it true? Will the Airport be completed in this shape? Un believable in our present political Situation. All our politicians are against Trivandrum. Injecting poison to Kill our great city. Praying to land in this dream Airport.

    Salim Raj, Doha

  4. Hi Ajay,

    I had gone through your comments.

    Main problem with Trivandrum is it is not as cosmopolitan as Kochi.

    Also none of these two cities come in the top 20 cities in India.

    Bangalore has close to 50 lakh population and it is still growing.

  5. hey ajay
    this is like the only information in found on the new terminal in trv.i am also an architect and i'd like to konw if you know the architectural comapanies that are involved?
    and how did you find these pictures?

  6. The terminal has been designed by the UK-based firm Atkins. They had earlier carried some of the pictures on their website. I had snapped additional pictures of the scale model which was kept in the current International Terminal. Cheers!

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