Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Some fun.....on your back!

We have heaved past 3000 views on the blog.....and a biggg "Thank You" to all you folks who have taken a little time out to browse through and to give constructive feedback and encouragement. It's a big boost and I hope I can keep things going.

On the side, here is something all of you can try out. It is a neat service started by a friend of mine, an ex-management consultant who has seen the light (smart feller!). There have always been times when we want to literally show off what we think - by putting a few "expressive" words on to a tee-shirt and wear it around. Maybe some cliche phrase, a slogan or simply our own mind-speak. It's been said that clothes speak a lot about the man, well here is a chance to do that, quite literally.

The site is:

It lets you customise t-shirts whatever you wanna put on your back...or chest. A good way of saying "ILU" or, letting your boss know you're putting in your papers....or showing your appreciation for how closely Dilbert models the corporate world. Good way to freak out, and to still get some utility out of it. Last time I checked your creations are door-delivered to you and your last name doesn't have to be "Versace" or "Strauss"! Check it out, junta and have a lotta fun!


  1. macha, congrats!!!
    Awaiting ur thoughts on the new SMART city it same as the one Congress wanted to sign?

  2. Nice site.
    Had I known it before hand would have made my Dept T-shirts there. The guy we ordered it with made a fortune, we were left looking at altered designs shabbily printed in a shaky manner.



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