Thursday, May 17, 2007

Infosys to start work on Saturday

And so it begins. Work on Kerala's largest IT campus is all set to start on Saturday. No, it is not "Smart" City or any other city, lol! It is the massive 50 acre campus of India's iconic IT powerhouse, Infosys Technologies. After two years of delays, work is starting on the complex. Infosys says that, according to President and CEO-designate Kris Gopalakrishnan, that it will employ about 5,000 people in Phase I which will be complete in one year! And the eventual number seems to be the 12-15,000 mark, with about 2 million sft of space. The time line seems to be three to five years. One thing is certain, the big time is here...and it is here to stay.

Over to you TCS, PCS, UST and all the rest.....get cracking!

Here are a couple of possible perspectives of the campus. The final design could be very different and we hope to see it soon. It's been heard that the campus could be a Hafeez Contractor creation, like most of the others than Infy has built. Sobha Developers will be the civil contractor.

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It seems certain that there will be a central waterbody. Different alternatives for the design of the Software Development Blocks and Food Courts are shown around the artificial lake.

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The campus may also have a Visitors' Centre and ancillary facilities like a hotel.

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