Saturday, March 24, 2007

Demolition at M.G.Road.....Delhi Ishtyle!!

Finally, they have gotten to demolishing the last remaining bottleneck on the M.G. Road - the stretch of shops from Pulimood to Overbridge. After the High Court specified grace period expired on March 23rd, demolition crews using JCBs and escorted by a large posse of riot police, moved in swiftly to pulverize the structures.

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Within hours they had turned the stretch of old buildings into a series of heaps of breaks and rebar which resembled the heart of quake struck Bhuj than the main avenue of Trivandrum.

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Hats off to whoever planned and executed this operation. One would more likely think it was the work of some clinical private developer or perhaps, the Israeli Army, than of our usually bumbling administrators. But applause is due here, for the work was carried out with the minimum of conflict and mess. There were a few heated debates here and there, when the author was on scene, but they were muted - perhaps due to the fact that there were about a couple of hundred of very bored looking riot policemen hanging around!

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I know it sounds gluttonous when one asks for too much of a good thing, but if only this was done a year or so ago, as planned. We would have been driving down a 6-lane M.G.Road end-to-end. I suppose there are those who believe late is better than never, but as far as development is concerned that's just not good enough. Here's hoping that the rest of the land clearance for CRDP is expedited as is that for projects like Technocity.

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