Wednesday, November 01, 2006

And here is Technopark...

An aerial view of the sprawling Technopark Phase I campus, Kerala's IT hub.

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In addition to the existing buildings, including the TCS Peepul Park (extreme left) and Thejaswini (centre), a number of construction sites are also seen:

1) TCS Development Centre
2) IBS Campus
3) Leela Infopark
4) NEST Campus
5) TATA Elxsi building


  1. Ajay,
    You had mentioned in a previous post on the hype of Kochi with facts and figures. It was excellent..could you write an article on that..meaning --with fugures how tvpm is better in IT, IIT/IIM success, professional college, ...and the media-bias for kochi etc..if you could write an article will be great. u are writing well, brother..keep up your excellent work for Lord ananthan's city


  2. Hey Ajay
    With facts and figures you had explained the IT prowess of TVPM over kochi. there are many areas where tvpm is better, though the media-bias(yes the communal manorama etc) and hype is towards kochi. can you write a detailed article in different areas - IT, professional education, competitive exam success rate etc and expose this hype? You write well and keep up the good work for Lord Ananthan's city.

    Pranam ..not sure the comments are reaching you?


Thanks for your comment, I will take a look at it and put it up at the earliest.