Sunday, October 01, 2006

Technopark Rising.....

Paid a visit to Technopark yesterday and was impressed, as always, by the biggest and greenest IT park in India. Giant new buildings coming up everywhere, thousands more jobs being created, all very impressive. One can therefore be forgiven, for wondering why none of this is being reported in the press??

After all, when the itsy-bitsiest of players take up space in the muchh smaller IT park of another city in Kerala, there is much fanfare in the press. Take, for instance, the news items about various sundry BPOs setting up shop there. Now, Office Tiger - one of the world's largest and most famous Outsourcing players is setting up shop in Technopark. One of the top exec.s of the company talked about this in an interview with a biz daily or portal. Seen any of this in our ever-vigilant local media which is ever ready to devote columns and columns to issues of "national importance" like sex scandals, the indigestion suffered by some religious leader or the car troubles of some neta? I wouldn't think so.

This is the Thejaswini MTF, Technopark's latest addition. This 600,000 sft giant is the largest IT building in Kerala. To give everyone a comparison, it is bigger than the whole of Infopark, Kochi. Office Tiger, Digitella, Infosys, US Tech are among the long list of co.s which have taken up space here. This massive building was booked out even before construction started.

"Booked out before construction started" is the state of affairs at Technopark which is suffering from an acute shortage of space, despite having 2.1 million sft of space available. More space is under construction, but that is sure to be gone long before it is ready.

Contrast this with what is happening elsewhere in Kerala. Quite a bit of space, notably in a couple of ventures of the Muthoot Group are standing idle, looking for buyers. I attended a IT Park B2B exhibition in Chennai on Friday and saw a national construction player trying to sell off the space in its venture at Infopark. No takers so far!! The same construction company is trying hard to get about 30 acres in Technopark Phase III in contrast to its 4 acres in Infopark. So what's all this hype about?

Seems to be the keyword - "HYPE"!! What's it? I guess, we can define it as a concerted effort to create a falsehood by a campaign of disinformation, selective information and modified info. Let's take an example, a common sensical one. Let's say there two cities A and B, in the same state. City A has 75% of the IT employees in the State, 80% of the export revenues and 60-70% of the builtup space. Yet, B is said to be the "IT hub of that state". Howzzat? Well, no prizes for guessing where A and B are, lol! One just needs to take up a copy of a malayalam paper, preferably the one which claims the largest circulation, and the hype is evident. If Mysore was called the IT hub of Karnataka, Coimbatore the hub of TN and Vizag that of AP, instead of Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad respectively, would any of us believe that? Any paper which dared to say that would have been rubbished instantly. Yet, in Kerala, where the readers are supposed to be the smartest and most discerning, such ludicrous claims are daily in nature. I don't see anyone questioning the veracity of such idiotic reports.

In short, next time we hear a similar proclaimation of greatness, better have a lot of salt handy, a pinch wouldn't suffice!!!

Here, we can see the two biggies of Technopark side by side. Thejawsini on the left,and the reigning champ, the 500,000 sft Bhavani, on the right.

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  1. What you mentioned is so much the truth , Ajay...I believe the Technopolis building at CSEZ, Cochin which is a Muthoot venture was still waiting for buyers even after all the construction works had been completed. Reports have been very scant about the Thejaswini coming up and also about the many other buildings coming up in Technopark.As you said why is city B a more favourite one than city A to our media? I wonder....


Thanks for your comment, I will take a look at it and put it up at the earliest.